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The Missing Links


The origin of ‘Moby Dick’. * An interactive look inside Samuel Beckett’s notebooks (via @RhysTranter). * Out of the shadows, Uwe Schütte on W.G. Sebald (via Bookslut). * Fernando Pessoa playing cards (via @seventydys). * Tom McCarthy on “dodgem jockeys”. * Clarice Lispector resurrected (see also, Lispector as 3:AM Cult Hero). * French writers look beyond Paris to create a literature “of the real” (via @Litblog). * A fictional map of L.A. * Paul McDonagh‘s New York (1968-1978). * Primitive London, a look at the city’s beatniks, mods & rockers (1965). * The future is in the past, a celebration of the cassette (via @johnrobb77). * The life & times of Serge Gainsbourg (via The Morning News). * Dai Vaughan on Jean-Pierre Melville‘s dreamtime. * “[Hemingway‘s] suicide could be seen as an act of weakness, even moral weakness, a sudden revelation of it in a man whose image was of boldness and courage, but Hendrickson’s book is testimony that it was not a failure of courage but a last display of it.” James Salter (via chris_power). * Anthony Burgess explains Finnegans Wake (via same). * Enid Starkie on Arthur Rimbaud & Paul Verlaine (via Maud Newton). * Patti Smith‘s handwritten notes for her interview with Michael Pitt. * Posters from the 1968 Student Strike in Paris (pictured above & via @largeheartedboy). * Counter-culture colophon, a history of the Grove Press. * Pádraig Ó Méalóid talks to Kevin O’Neill about Alan Moore & League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. * Vintage Russian animation shorts.

First posted: Friday, September 30th, 2011.

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