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The Missing Links


Le Petit Journal des Refusées, San Franciscan pre-Dada absurdist graphic litmag (1896). * Intellectualism is back in vogue, a profile of new litmags on the block The White Review & The Junket. * Gabriel Josipovici reviews The Letters of Samuel Beckett, Volume 2: 1941-1956. * Interview with Dan Gunn, co-editor of Beckett‘s letters. * Hubert Selby: It/ll Be Better Tomorrow, a documentary. * Sylvia Plath‘s unbearable lightness. * Plath, Gertrude Stein & Kurt Vonnegut‘s rejection letters. * “The pain of the writer is that he has to sit still while the critic pokes through the vitals of his work…” A response to Lethem vs. Wood. * Orwell vs. Huxley, an infographic.* Literary horror from the Chapman brothers. * “It’s my blessing & my curse that I write about this stuff.” Dennis Cooper. * Allen Ginsberg‘s 1975 lectures on English poetry.* “Probably I will not write another novel, & so mankind will be safe.” Umberto Eco. * Martin Scorsese on Saul Bass. * Boris Vian, the prince of Saint-Germain. * Wallace Berman‘s underground (see also, 3:AM‘s interview with Tosh Berman, son of Wallace & US publisher of Vian). * Brian Eno & Rick Holland’s poetry music. * The superabundance of cock in [Philip] Roth’s work is more than a stylistic choice aiming to shock & unnerve. It transcends even the fair accusations of chauvinism frequently lobbed at Roth by feminist critics & former lovers. It is his primary state of mind. * Excerpt from Laslo Krasznahorkai‘s Satantango. * Wallace Stevens reading from his own work. * Literature’s greatest unseen characters. * Fiddleback #2. * Owen Jones on Occupy London. * The Clash‘s Paul Simonon arrested while working as undercover Greenpeace activist. * Neon outpost, Las Vegas from the sky. * Michel Houellebecq is the most interesting, provocative & important European novelist of my generation. Period. No one else comes close.” Bret Easton Ellis. * On Fiction by Virginia Woolf. * “I think we need a new vocabulary, because everybody wants to be an outsider. When I was one, no one wanted to be one.” John Waters. * [Image: Wacky Stuff]

First posted: Sunday, November 20th, 2011.

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