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The Missing Links


Andrew Motion on WG Sebald‘s poems. * PDFs of Breton, Soupault and Aragon‘s Dada journal Littérature. * Tim Parks on the second volume of Beckett‘s letters in the LRB. * Parks on translating poetry. * Wittgenstein Jr. * Terry Taylor‘s Baron’s court, All Change republished. * Philip Glass on Sesame Street, 1979. * Five years in NYC that changed music forever. * London Belles, 1973 (featuring Vivienne Westwood). * God save the Sex Pistols’ doodles. More here. * Is there a crisis in literary criticism? * Owen Jones on the new age of rebellion. * Writers’ toilets. * Mick Jagger‘s first TV appearance at the tender age of 15. * Rolling Stones Rice Krispies commercial, 1964. * A dissolving dictionary. * David Bowie home movie, 1965. * Lee Rourke. * Brian Eno‘s big theory of culture. * Jacques Testard on Houellebecq. * Jan Svankmajer. * Nicholas Blincoe on Jack Kerouac’s lost novel. * Bukowski and the making of Barfly. * The Beatnik scene for squares. * More on WG Sebald‘s poetry. * On JG Ballard. * Download every NME cassette compilation from the 80s. * Watch Ken Russell‘s The Devils. * Kermode on Russell. * Songs for a future generation: more B-52’s goodness. * Shelagh Delaney RIP. * Nicholas Lezard on Sherlock Holmes, the “only intellectual this country has ever taken to its bosom”. And also on Claude Lévi-Strauss. * A history of social housing. * Lee Miller by Man Ray. * The Jello Biafra bobbing head doll. * Footage of the Dead Kennedys in the studio, 1981. * Total surveillance. * Facebook’s broken privacy promises. * L’histoire d’Anne Pigalle. * The British Newspaper Archive goes digital. * Tom McCarthy‘s desktop. * Surrealist films by Joseph Cornell. * Goethe snuffs it. * A documentary on French composer Pierre Henry. * 10 lost novels the world found again. * 10 synonyms for being a wanker. * Brian Eno‘s speech at Moogfest 2011. * Confessions of a MILF. * When Sparks met Jacques Tati, 1974. * Neuroscience and economics. * Laura Kennedy (of the Bush Tetras) RIP. * Geoff Dyer on Diane Arbus bio. * Geoff Dyer by Jonathan Lethem. * Dinner with Georges Perec. * Roxy Music‘s album covers. * The restored Finnegans Wake. * Authors ranked by beard weight.

First posted: Tuesday, December 6th, 2011.

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