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The Missing Links


Glenn O’Brian‘s TV Party. * R.I.P. Christa Wolf & Gilbert Adair. * James Bridle on the New Aesthetic. * The New Pamphleteers, how the e-book might be “a whole new literary form”. * French Theory Today pamphlet series. * Lynne Tillman on Diane Arbus‘s writings. * The herstory of Riot Grrrl. * When Freud met Bacon, British postwar painters in pictures. More Freud. * Walking in the footsteps of W.G. Sebald. * Mapping Michel Houellebecq, a retrospective. * A documentary about Le Palace nightclub. * In praise of piracy. * Best Sid Vicious documentary ever. * The Sex Pistols and Ramones as Hanna-Barbera cartoons. * “I had no idea you were so handsome. Why you haven’t been offered the lead in some sexy movies I can only attribute to the basic stupidity of the casting directors.” Groucho Marx writes to T.S. Eliot. * On Mallarmé. * On Clarice Lispector. * JG Ballard on Desert Island Discs, 1992. * A Ballardian bestiary. * LA punks: a news report, 1983. * Bruce McAllister‘s symbolism survey (to Kerouac, Rand, Mailer, Ellison, Updike, Bellow). * It’s the end of the world. * People who do noise. * A brief history of garage rock. * For sale, J.D. Salinger‘s library slip. * The best libraries in literature. * The library phantom. * Billy Idol raps for IKEA. * Neuroscience and economics. * French psychologists try to ban film on autism. * Footage of James Joyce in Paris. * Joyce reading from Finnegans Wake. * Matthew Picton‘s 3D map of 1904 Dublin built from the pages of Ulysses. * Protecting Oscar Wilde’s tomb from kisses. * Gary Pearce on Wilde. * Runnin’ Riot. * Curiouser and curiouser, Marina Warner on Lewis Carroll, Tenniel, and the Alice drawings. (See also, 3:AM‘s interview with Marina Warner.) * John Berger on Bento’s Sketchbook in the Paris Review. * Teju Cole on John Berger. * “Few novels have sought to improve America as radically as Edward Bellamy‘s bestseller Looking Backward.” * Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose: Has literature stopped evolving? * Full Stop‘s ‘Situation of American writing’, based on a 1939 Partisan Review questionnaire. * “We have lost something that used to be considered fundamental in the world of literature, which is the role of the critic.” Nicole Krauss. * Evelyn Waugh lambasts the “gibberish” written by modernist writers. * Paul Auster & Don DeLillo on New York City. * Doppelgängers, Jenny McPhee on Mary Shelley & Muriel Spark. * “Place the casserole dish in a cold oven. Place a chair facing the oven and sit in it forever. Think about how hungry you are. When night falls, do not turn on the light.” The Jean-Paul Sartre cookbook. * Barry Humphries (Dame Edna Everage), collector of fin de siècle writings, Arthur Machen‘s horror stories & erotica “of a superior kind”. * [Image: Wacky Stuff]

First posted: Monday, December 12th, 2011.

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