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The Missing Links


Tributes to Christopher Hitchens, George Whitman, Russell Hoban & Vaclav Havel. * Ben Marcus on the singular fabrications on Raymond Roussel. * “If a German book hasn’t got Nazis or the Stasi in it, it’s going to be much harder for it to get noticed.” Stefan Tobler, publisher at And Other Stories. * Shane Meadows on This Is England ’88. * Adam Curtis on the rise of geezer capitalism in modern Britain. * Alasdair Gray, Will Self et al. design banknotes for the modern world. * Alan Moore‘s “magickal” keyboard. * “We are both rather contemptible individuals.” Michel Houellebecq & Bernard-Henri Lévy. * Biblioklept riff on Houellebecq‘s The Elementary Particles. * Parodies of modernism. * Paul Auster to publish second memoir. * “I’ve always been a consciously influenced writer.” Jonathan Lethem on writing & concepts of originality. * “I think Sartre is a bag of wind and I am going to give him a good boot.” Orwell. * Lars Iyer‘s draft for an essay on Blanchot‘s plans for a lit review. * Why you should read W.G. Sebald. * “Virginia Woolf has become the love of my readerly life.” Gary Lutz. * No one reads Marcel Schwob. * Stewart Home remembers the Scala Cinema. * Simon Critchley asks what is normal. * Merry Christmas to you all!

First posted: Monday, December 19th, 2011.

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