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The Missing Links


Edward Gorey‘s animated intro for PBS’ Mystery!. * Ill angelic poetics, a discussion of Edgar Allan Poe‘s ‘Dream-Land’. * Portrait of A Bookstore as an Old Man, a 2005 documentary on George Whitman. * Writers & their addictions. * I knew Christopher Hitchens better than you. * When Christopher Hitchens met Jorge Luis Borges. * Samuel Beckett‘s BBC Radio Plays, 1958-1991 [MP3]. * Do the classics have a future? * How digital is reviving subscription publishing. * Textal harassment. * Sukhdev Sandhu on his teenage passion for The Smiths. * China Mieville on M.R. James & hauntology. * David Lynch‘s Ruth Roses & Revolver. * Ezra Pound‘s daughter aims to stop Italian fascist group using father’s name. * Jenny Hendrix on the afterlife of Tintin. * Readings & interviews with Henry Miller. * Interview with Maurice Girodias. * Walter Benjamin‘s Paris address book. * Saul Leiter & the typographic fragment. * Teju Cole‘s Wall Street & Brooklyn Bridge. * Jamel Shabazz‘s street snaps of 80s Brooklyn. * Stuart Kelly on the best books of 1911.

First posted: Saturday, December 31st, 2011.

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