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The Missing Links


Modernism and music in 2012. * Remembering Josef Skvorecky & Michael Dummett. * Camus offers half-time analysis of a Paris-Monaco match (not quite Monty Python). * Michael Moorcock on Alfred Jarry, “one of the most influential writers of modern times”. * Details of the three panels to be devoted to Tom McCarthy‘s work at the forthcoming Louisville Conference on Literature and Culture. * A Jean-Michel Basquiat interview from 1983. * Nihilists have feelings too, The Millions on Michel Houellebecq. * Wyndham LewisTyro 1 & 2 [PDFs]. * “It’s sort of too bad that what once was a safe haven for truly eccentric, outsider artists is no longer that thing.” Adrian Tomine. * A Surrealist party hosted by Salvador Dali. * The Image Bank Post Card Show, 1978. * Travis Jeppesen & Rachel Kendall interviewed at Horror Sleaze Trash.* Iggy Pop and the vacuum (cleaner). * Rhys Tranter asks Robert Darnton if books have a future. * Jenny Diski on the future of publishing. * Can experimentation help print compete with digital? * Sid, Nancy (sounding like Vivienne Westwood) and Stiv Bators on NYC cable TV in 1978. * A Lloyd Johnson retrospective in London. * Youth Culture History. * A Dave Eggers monologue printed on a shower curtain. * Jennifer Miro (The Nuns) R.I.P. * The Pistols, Stranglers and Blondie on Dutch TV, 1977. * EU copyright on James Joyce works ends. * Gordon Bowker on the posthumous power of the (Joyce) literary estate. * The twilight of blues music? (via 3QD). * Where Sibelius fell silent. * Kid literary characters & their grown-up counterparts. * The Rumpus launch letters in the mail. * Natasha Wimmer on translating Bolaño. * Samuel Beckett‘s notebooks for Watt. * Harold Pinter in Krapp’s Last Tape. * Slavoj Žižek‘s jokes are no laughing matter. * Pingu in The Thing. * F. Scott Fitzgerald‘s lost road trip. * When binge drinking used to be the height of fashion. * Christopher Hitchens on Charles Dickens‘ inner child. * A pre-punk Nina Hagen, 1974. * If famous writers had written Twilight. * A brief interview with Richard Hell whose autobiography (up to the age of 34) will be published by Ecco (HarperCollins). More here. * Richard Hell pictures on Tumblr. * Books that are never done being written. * It’s ok to have a point, a defence of literature with an agenda. * Remembering Walter Benjamin on the 120th anniversary of his birth. * Walser‘s work, has come to represent for me language’s failure to adequately represent experience, even as it rails against this.” * A 1966 interview with David Bowie. * On Adam Mars-Jones on Yasujiro Ozu. * Tarkovsky on art. * George Grosz‘s drawings for The Good Soldier Švejk. * Lars Iyer on Blanchot & on the situation of American writing. * A literary satellite. * Thanatography. * Words of disorder. * Internalization of crisis. * “The Marbled Swan is something of an homage to Robbe-Grillet, although not in the way you might expect.” Dennis Cooper. * Bob Gruen‘s New York Dolls documentary. * “I especially feel sorry for painters, or writers, too, because they don’t get a chance to see their audience.” Laurie Anderson. * Nicholas Lezard on Ellis Sharp‘s Intolerable Tongues. * Marc Newson‘s tribute to Malcolm McLaren. * Back to 1977. * A Derek Boshier exhibition. * Edmund White: a life in writing. * Daphne Oram & early electronic music. * Man Ray‘s home movies (see above pic).

First posted: Sunday, January 8th, 2012.

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