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The Missing Links


Andrew Gallix on death of literature. * Why write novels at all? * Is literary fiction a sham? * Photography-embedded fiction. * W.G. Sebald‘s eleven books to read for a class on major trends in European fiction (via @timesflow). * Why brutality makes David Lynch laugh. * On Bela Tarr‘s The Turin Horse. * Inside Billy Childish‘ art studio. * David Foster Wallace‘s annotated books. * ‘Invisible Girls & Phantom Ladies’, Alan Moore‘s 1983 article on sexism in comics. * Tilda Swinton on Virginia Woolf‘s Orlando. * Will Self on psychiatry. * Michel Foucault lectures 1978-80, English & French [MP3]. * “What I cannot understand is your permitting a script which after all had some life and vitality to be reduced to such a flabby mass of clichés, a group of faceless characters, and the kind of dialogue every screen writer is taught not to write.” Raymond Chandler writes to Hitchcock. * Reassessing the Saul Bass & Hitchcock collaboration. * Harry Houdini‘s great rope escape * 10 legendary bad boys of literature. * Writing the City. * Dubravka Ugrešić on the writer in exile [PDF]. * Lines that shaped Manhattan, in praise of New York’s 200-year-old grid. * Owen Hatherley on why not all skyscrapers are built by phallic capitalism. * Downton Abbey, a reading list. * Akira Kurosawa‘s hand-painted storyboards. * A Clockwork Orange location pictures. * Juan Pablos Villalobos interviewed. * Gerhard Richter, the sublime on a postcard. * 100 essays by Jacques Derrida. * Julian Barnes on Félix Fénéon. * Lee Rourke reviewed. * Paul Mason on Northern Soul. * Trinie Dalton interviewed. * Patti Smith on Rimbaud . * 10 great silent sequences in sound movies. * Velvet Underground vs. Andy Warhol. * Gil Scott-Heron vs. Jim Carroll (via @vol1brooklyn).

First posted: Sunday, January 15th, 2012.

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