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The Missing Links


Marcel Duchamp on French TV, 1963. * A new short story by Lydia Davis. * Tim Parks vs David Shields. More here. * A critique of logocentrism. * Installing the Lloyd Johnson exhibition. * Justin Taylor interviews Gary Lutz. * Unsaid Magazine. * Mark Fisher on the non-places in Steve McQueen‘s non-film. * The atemporality of “ruin porn”. * Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill! * William Gass. * Hari Kunzru and The Satanic Verses. * Twitter avant la lettre: Félix Fénéon. * Mark Baumer‘s 50 books in a year project. * Generation Xlive! And on the box (introduced by Marc Bolan). * Ned Beauman on Quentin Meillassoux. * ‘Killing Digital Curation’. * Günter Grass, artist (via @BibliOdyssey). * An extract from Noah Cicero‘s The Insurgent. * David Winters on Ben MarcusFlame Alphabet. * Blake Butler interviewed. * Guillaume Apollinaire‘s Little Auto reviewed. * The wait for Harry Crews is over. * Trotsky speech in Copenhagen, 1932 (video). * Geoff Dyer‘s Zona. * “Powerful documents of 1950s discontent & its alternatives.” The TLS on the newly re-issued Terry Taylor, Colin Wilson & Laura Del-Rivos. * The New Inquiry‘s Un(der)known Writers series. * Simon Critchley on the eurozone crisis as Greek tragedy: “Tragedy requires our collusion with that fate. In other words, it requires a measure of freedom”. * Amazing pictures of Hells Angels, 1965. * Alain de Botton attacks art for art’s sake. * An American documentary on David Bowie from 1980. * Kafka‘s Modernist lineage. * Roberto Bolaño on Neruda, Kafka, and the abyss. * Luc Sante on Patti Smith. * A Kevin Cummins / Joy Division exhibition. * The Waterstones 11 (includes Jenni Fagan). * Vintage London newsreels. * London’s Soho in 1973. * Robert Birnbaum interviews Russell Banks. * Sport as literature. * Mark SaFranko interviewed. * “Cinema has become more hyperbolic and I think that a lot of movies bludgeon you with, if not simplistic, but simple ideas.” David Fincher. * Will Self on the joy of slow. * Adam Mars-Jones on Jeanette Winterson. * The Last Resort. Catalogue here. A skinhead culture Timblr. * What was J.D. Salinger writing all of those years, and is it any good? * The rise of Groupthink. * An interview with Mark E Smith. * David Foster Wallace’s 10 favourite books.

First posted: Monday, January 23rd, 2012.

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