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The Missing Links


An in-depth interview with 3:AM‘s one-man avant-garde movement Matthew Wascovich in the Village Voice. * The trouble with productivity. * Back to the Futurism. * David Foster Wallace on the future of fiction in the information age (video). * The phantom metro stations of Paris. * The unknown pleasures of Mickey Mouse. * Ray Bradbury‘s 1965 trip to Disneyland. * The 2006 South Bank Show devoted to J.G. Ballard. * Steve Reich‘s “Radiohead Rewrite”. * How to piss off the Germans. * What makes a cult author? * The cult books of 2012. * “It’s dangerous to be an artist. That’s what we talk about in Naked Lunch.” David Cronenberg. * “Transition & the old grammar forms no longer useful..” Paris Review excerpt letters of William Burroughs. * Burroughs 23. * More than 100 William Burroughs MP3s. * Patti Smith, the Mother Courage of Rock. * Crass‘s Thatchergate tape. * The digital resurrection of Sex and Guts magazine. * Blake Butler on Nikanor Teratologen. * Interesting piece on the legacy of Empire (the band). * More on the Lloyd Johnson exibition in London. * The Ramones on NYC cable TV, 1978. * Mag Resistance. * Soundscapes of North American cities. * Notebook on Cities and Culture. * Momus interviewed. * The Rest is Noise Festival. * Roxana Gay on running a micropress. * What happens to marginalia in the age of the Kindle? * Larkin put considerable effort into establishing his persona…present[ing] himself as a full-time librarian who, at the end of a day’s work, after preparing and eating his solitary dinner and washing up, wrote unpretentious and “unliterary” poems, based on common experiences and the emotions they prompted.‘ * Alain de Botton argues that art should be less ambiguous; Rhys Tranter wonders if he’s right. * Where have all the book illustrators gone? * ‘Belief & Technique for Modern Prose’, Jack Kerouac‘s 30-point list of “essentials”. * Pie-chart of Haruki Murakami themes. * Copyrights Wake: SOPA, James Joyce & the future of intellectual property. * Orson Welles narrates animation of Plato‘s cave. * Raymond Roussel & the upside of crazy. * Tracing Rimbaud‘s mysterious Java journey. * 10 offbeat literary works of non-English writers. * “I have always regarded translation as the best school a novelist can have.” Juan Gabriel Vásquez (& the Room for London project). * Mark Stewart‘s new single. * Social networks and the death of privacy. * Lionel Rolfe and literary L.A. * A video tour of Salvador Dali‘s house. * Michel Houellebecq on de Tocqueville, Nietzsche and democracy. * A new review of Masha Tupitsyn‘s Laconia. * W.G. Sebald, politique de la mélancolie.

First posted: Sunday, January 29th, 2012.

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