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The Missing Links


“Anyone who believes that you can make art from language is part of a small, nearly-vanishing community, and we should all form a wedge and march on the enemy.” Ben Marcus interviewed. * All the Words from Michel Foucault’s “The Order of Things – An Archaeology of Human Sciences” in Alphabetical Order. * Ewan Morrison on the self-epublishing bubble. * Jonathan Franzen‘s warning that e-books are damaging for society. * The Jesus and Mary Chain riot. * Leonard Cohen on how to read poetry. * Everything Woody Allen has ever written has been on a typewriter he bought when he was 16. * Alternative titles for Hitchcock‘s Vertigo. * The paranormal Peter Sellers. * The 50 best David Lynch characters. * P.G. Wodehouse’s American Psycho. * The King’s Road in the summer of 1976. * Why Paul Auster isn’t going to Turkey anytime soon. * Folio, the “French equivalent of our Penguin paperbacks,” turns 40. * Gabriel Josipovici on Alfred Jarry. * The very first time the Sex Pistols were mentioned in the press. * Zizek!, a documentary. * The evil genius of David Shrigley. * Jim Jarmusch‘s vampire love story. * “I do not listen to music while writing. I feel my own rhythm would go out of tune if I listened to music.” Banana Yoshimoto. * In praise of Mina Loy. * Jeanette Winterson on the male mystique of Henry Miller. * Brendan Behan’s Dublin, a 1966 documentary. * Orson Welles narrates Future Shock. * Madrid’s Raymond Roussel exhibition. * Virginia Woolf‘s BBC lecture “Craftmanshp” (audio). * Lydia Davis talks Nabokov‘s marginalia & translating Flaubert (video). * James Joyce & Walter Benjamin in Paris. * Georges Perec on how he structured Life A User’s Manual (video). * The memoirs of Richard Seaver recall an avant-garde golden age in Paris. * Keith Haring & William Burroughs‘ collaboration, The Valley. * Michael Levenson‘s Modernism reviewed. * A scrupulous fidelity, on Thomas Bernhard‘s The Loser. * Geoff Dyer on unusual histories. * Dyer’s approach to the heaviness of Tarkovskian cinema..is to treat it as lightly as possible.” * A user’s guide to Roberto Bolaño. * “If you have read several books by Don DeLillo, sooner or later you will have a Don DeLillo moment.” * Truth vs. fiction. * The Death of the Cyberflâneur. * February’s Words Without Borders is international graphic novels. * More on the Lloyd Johnson exhibition. * Teju Cole‘s small fates. * Paris in children’s books. * The sound of brain waves. * A tribute to Derek Jarman. * Girls and skateboards. * J. G. Ballard on the Disneyfication of museums. * 30 writers talk about God and reason. * The greatest books of all time chosen by 125 authors.

First posted: Sunday, February 5th, 2012.

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