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The Missing Links


Djuna Barnes exhibition (via Paris Review). * “I think I’m writing for somebody – like being the ghostwriter for someone who had a very different life from my life today.” Eileen Myles (see also, 3:AM‘s review of Inferno). * On Wallace Stevens, the “magisterial aesthetician, the abstract reasoner, the obsessive formalist endlessly scrutinizing the gulf between language & reality”. * Norman Lebrecht on Stefan Zweig‘s suicide, 70 years on. * Ex-Hole’s Eric Erlandson to release Kurt Cobain book. * China Miéville on apocalyptic London. * A visit to the London Library. * Will there ever be another Great American Novel? * Yeats said, more or less, that we can’t articulate the truth, but we can embody it. I think that’s wrong or at least beside the point. What’s of interest for me is precisely how we try to articulate the truth, and what that says about us, and about “truth.” David Shields. * Harry Crews is, was, & always will be a complete and utter badass. * The lost world of Lawrence Durrell. * Unearthed, the 1949 Great Gatsby film. * José Saramago‘s ‘lost’ novel published. * Longlist for this year’s best translated books. * Slavoj Zizek & Frederic Jameson disagree about The Wire. * Will Self, professor of contemporary thought at Brunel, on Owen Hatherley. * The Festival of Dangerous Ideas. * Jonathan Lethem & Steve Erickson on The Exegesis of Philip K. Dick. * After Samuel Beckett heard Patrick Magee read extracts form his novel Molloy and From Abandoned Work on the radio, he wrote a one act play specifically for the Northern Irish actor. * John Banville on Beckett‘s letters. * Shalom Auslander‘s top 10 comic tragedies. * “The ultimate achievement of the career writer, after a lifetime of literary festivals, shortlists and prizes, readings, seminars, honorary degrees, lectures, and, of course, writing is, or would be, to place himself inside “the canon.” But in the publishing culture we have today any idea that a process of slow sifting might produce a credible canon such as those we inherited from the distant past is nonsense.” Tim Parks. * “I had an intuitive feeling of everything being fiction at the moment, everything being stories…I did it because I wanted a kind of freedom in literature, but it ended up being a sort of jail, I think.” Karl Ove Knausgård. * Jonathan Franzen‘s female problem. * Gabriel Josipovici on Joseph Roth. * (It was bound to happen) Dana Stevens watches Tarkovsky‘s Stalker & reads Geoff Dyer‘s Zona simultaneously. * Salvador Dalí & the Chupa Chups lollipop.

First posted: Sunday, March 4th, 2012.

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