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The Missing Links

C S Lewis quoted in today’s Independent on Sunday: “I am almost committing an indecency. I am trying to rip open the inconsolable secret in each one of you — the secret which hurts so much that you take revenge on it by calling it names like Nostalgia and Romanticism and Adolescence… the secret we cannot hide and cannot tell though we desire to do both. We cannot tell it because it is a desire for something which has never actually appeared in our experience” (from his essay “The Weight of Glory”). * Irvine Welsh tells Sean O’Hagan that he “couldn’t handle the beauty” of things when he was younger: “I spent a lot of time chasing oblivion, that was a big thing for me, and on the more mercenary side, I’ve been able to make that pay through the writing. But, when I was actually doing it, I’d get up in the morning and it would be a beautiful day, and immediately I’d want to get out and get fucked up. It took me along time to realise what I was actually doing was ending that feeling, killing the beauty. I couldn’t handle the beauty”. More in the Scotsman. * William Burroughs on Denton Welch in the Independent on Sunday: “Such a marvellous writer, the way he can make anything into something. Writers who complain that they don’t have anything to write about should read Denton Welch and see what he can do with practically nothing”. * Dario Fo for mayor? * An interview with the great William H. Gass in the Believer. * Art or porn? * Raunch culture. * On the amazing Poetry Archive. * Hangover cures. * Arctic Monkeys mp3s. * Here, you’ll find some extraordinary pix of 3:AM‘s Richard Cabut back in the day when he was a member of “positive punk” band Brigandage. * A review of Tim Worstall‘s 2005 Blogged: Dispatches From the Blogosphere. * Novelist Jake Arnott has written an intelligent and fascinating article about old school detective Jack Slipper. *

First posted: Sunday, December 4th, 2005.

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