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The Missing Links


Jean-Luc Godard’s abandoned 60s manifesto. * Sometimes the only cure is to disappear. * Vanishing films. * A rose is a Christine Brooke-Rose is a Christine Brooke-Rose: “Innovation has a strange way of surviving. In those distant days (the late 1950s), there was active prejudice in England, led by C. P. Snow, against the new fashion from France. But who even mentions Snow now, or his followers? For if the prejudice against experiment persists, the novel nevertheless has changed, and if Robbe-Grillet himself is also perhaps no longer read, some of his technique has insidiously survived, in a way that Snow’s has no”. * Jennifer Egan‘s “Notes for Innovative Fiction“. * A blog devoted to John Cage’s writings. * A documentary about Jacques Rigaut (France Culture, 24 April). * On Lars Iyer’s mystical idiots. * On Joseph Roth’s letters. * Iain Sinclair on David Gascoyne: “‘Is it true that you actually knew Max Ernst?’ demands a persistent interviewer, stalking the poet’s stair-lift retreat, on the outskirts of Newport. ‘Knew him? I had him over the back of a grand piano in 1926.'” (See also, Darran Anderson on Gascoyne.) * The Cramps live at a mental asylum, 1978. * Simon Reynolds on Retromania: “But it [the book] also came from everyday use of the internet: downloading out-of-print albums from file-sharing blogs or trawling through YouTube, and entering a state of atemporality where the past and the present are intermingled and indistinguishable, in an eerie way”. * Instagram’s instant nostalgia. * Heidi Julavits on Tumblr. * Tumblr tips for writers. * The Jam, live in Paris, 1981. * Slow Toe. * Two legends: Andrew Klimeyk and Chris Yarmock. * The sound of loneliness. * Wonderful Polaroids. * Julian Barnes revisits Le Grand Meaulnes. * An interview with Ben Marcus. * Stanley Kubrick‘s first film, 1951. * Martin Scorsese‘s first three (short) films. * Hitchcock’s definition of happiness. * Benjamin, Barthes and the singularity of photography. * Wim Wenders on photography. * Is it still possible to write philosophical novels? * The BBC’s Modern Writers archive. * Writing death. * Joyce collection published online. * The toning down of The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. * The full moon myth. * The editors of The White Review interviewed in Bookforum. * The Gun Club live, 1984.

First posted: Sunday, April 15th, 2012.

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