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The Missing Links


The wonderful Deborah Levy interviewed on France 24 (video). *A review of The Space Between curated by Michael Bracewell. * Robert Walser‘s Thirty Poems to be published by New Directions later this month. * Quentin Meillassoux‘s The Number and the Siren (on Mallarmé) reviewed. * László Krasznahorkai interviewed: “You will never go wrong anticipating doom in my books, anymore than you’ll go wrong in anticipating doom in ordinary life”. * Cain Todd on pornography. * The real Cape Kennedy is inside your head (based on Dylan Trigg’s 3:AM essay). * Simon Critchley: “[L]iterature for me, it’s what everything comes back to, it’s essential”. * Marcel Duchamp interviewed by the BBC, 1966. * Four Man Ray films from the 1920s. * The 10 best movie credit sequences. * Will Self on J. G. Ballard (video). * 3:AMer Richard Cabut‘s Desert Island Discs. * John Peel’s record collection. * James Bridle on the commercial possibilities of fan fiction. * The sky over Europa. * Derek Jarman: Life as Art, Part 1. * 3:AM‘s David Winters reviews Eli Friedlander‘s Walter Benjamin: A Philosophical Portrait. * Elif Shafak on Walter Benjamin: “One doesn’t read him to feel better. One reads him to feel”. * Bauhaus: art as life. * The Emperor of Wyoming. * Jonathan Lethem and Andy Zax talk Talking Heads. * The fictitious Parisian address. * Now I wanna sniff some glue. * The myth of the suffering artist. * An extract from The Imposter: BHL in Wonderland. * Saint Etienne. * Teddy boys on the loose. * Terry Richardson‘s Lady Gaga photoshoot (“Blank Generation” soundtrack).

First posted: Wednesday, May 9th, 2012.

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