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The Missing Links


Unprinting. * Tom McCarthy and Ben Marcus at the Horse Hospital in London on 7 June. * Ten short films by Stewart Home from the 80s and 90s. * The making of The Rings of Saturn. * Walter Gropius on Utopianism (MP3). * Alain Badiou: a life in writing. * Why Alain Badiou stopped voting. * Five works of theory you should consider reading. * The beginner’s guide to Deleuze. * Boris Groys: under the gaze of theory. * Mitchelmore reviews Gabriel Josipovici‘s The Story of a Moment. * McKenzie Wark interviewed. * A tumblr devoted to writers’ routines. * Ten years without Joe Strummer. * Sam Jordison on Hemingway in Paris. * Silver Jubilee Day (The Times). * The Paris launch of Her Royal Majesty 12. * Rosy Lamb paints Harriet Alida Lye (video by Sam Gordon). * Malcolm McLaren‘s cowboys t-shirt: mystery solved. * The Washington D.C. punk revolution. * Patti Smith in Warhol‘s Interview magazine, October 1973. * A necessarily unfinishable novel. * End of Oulipo, The? * Ben Myers on A Clockwork Orange. * Ben (now Benjamin) Myers interviewed. * A Death in Mexico by Jonathan Woods (trailer). * Donna Summer R.I.P. * Christiana Spens’s daily artworks. * The Smiths dub style. * Epic tea time with Alan Rickman. * Akotombo‘s new album, False Positives. * A new Banksy in London. * Banksy artwork destroyed by builder. * Children’s TV shows on the BBC (in pictures). * Jerry Nolan‘s Rolling Stone ad, 1969. * Alice Bag profile. * London timelapse. * George Steiner podcast. * An interview with David Arnoff about his punk/post-punk era photographs. * On the new Clarice Lispector translations. * Oldest porn in history? * 1950s Calendar Girls. * Danny Byrne reviews Karl Knausgaard (My Struggle). * John Cheever reading “The Swimmer,” 1977. * Roxy Music, live at the BBC, 1972. * René Clair‘s Paris qui dort, 1925. * An interview with Lars Iyer. * Factory Records exhibition. * Alain de Botton: in defence of self-help books. * Bukowski woodcut. * An introduction to phenomenology. * The King’s Road music and fashion trail. * The Fitzgeralds in Hollywood. * Prince Philip’s top 10 gaffes. * Ed Piskor‘s Wizzywig (book trailer). * Dennis Hopper and Iggy Pop get their tits out. * Classical nudes get a 21st century makeover (see top pic). * The mermaids of Florida (see other pic).

First posted: Monday, May 21st, 2012.

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