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The Missing Links


Tim Parks on academic critics. * Ben Marcus on living in the end times. * Ben Marcus‘s “Watching Mysteries with My Mother“. * Kathy Acker audio archive. * Simon Critchley on Philip K. Dick (part one). Part two is here and part three is over there. * A Philip K. Dick documentary. * David Winters reviews Critchley’s The Faith of the Faithless. * David Winters and Brian Dillon on Terry Eagleton‘s The Event of Literature. * Stewart Home spaced out at Space. * René Magritte on Surrealism, 1926. * Richard Nixon, Stanley Kubrick and the fake moon landing. * Great directors’ debuts. * The art kettle. * This is PiL. * David Foster Wallace‘s “This is Water” speech. * Grant Gee interviewed. * A review of Grant Gee‘s Patience (After Sebald). * Gilles Deleuze MP3s. * How Roland Barthes gave us the TV recap. * The Russian bride guide. * Cricket and the novel: “Sport in novels is seldom just sport. It’s a way of talking about something else – fellowship, ambition, jealousy, honour. With cricket it’s clearly a way of writing about failure”. * How visitors walk through a museum. * Morrissey in the 1970s. * The Fitzgeralds in Hollywood. * The Great Gatsby and the American dream. * Devo live, 1980. * Patti Smith turns 65. * The Golden Gate turns 75. * Tom Dumm interviewed. * Will Self on the pleasures of nightwalking and on his love affair with the Tube. * Will Self as religion! * Will Self’s roof collapses! * John Updike‘s Higher Gossip. * Philippe Garrel‘s La cicatrice intérieure (with Nico and Pierre Clémenti). * Sarah Crown on Jennifer Egan’s Twitterfiction. * On Edouard Levé and David Markson. * Plays within plays. * Notes on Tao Lin’s third novel. * Happy birthday Siouxsie! * How Facebook knows what you really like. * Is Facebook making us lonely? * Reading like a writer. * John Cage: lectures and interviews. * David Byrne and Brian Eno. * The impermanent book. * Four shorts by Beckett. * Captain Beefheart live, 1969. * Ships in my Tea. * 10 famous authors’ alter egos. * Nazi ghosts of Paris. * Francesca Woodman (see pic above).

First posted: Sunday, May 27th, 2012.

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