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The Missing Links


NeTWork21, London’s only ever pirate TV, 1986. * Miranda Meliss on experimental literature. The author is interviewed here. * On Robert Smithson and WG Sebald. * Viv Albertine interviewed on BBC Radio 6. * Les Vampires. * The return of Crap Towns. * Jean-Michel Basquiat and Rammelzee, 1983. * Where art meets physics. * Nuclear toys from the 50s. * The Vice guide to dating rich girls. * The Nova Convention, 1979. * Owen Hatherley on the rehabilitation of the Union Jack. * The late Edouard Levé reading from Oeuvres. * Borges‘s visits to Cambridge. * AS Byatt on Munch. * Sartre on intellectualism. * Deleted scenes from Blue Velvet. * A documentary on David Lynch and Blue Velvet. * Jon Savage on the Pistols‘ Silver Jubilee boat trip. * Julien Temple on Glastonbury After Hours. * Young Punks promo. * Jonathan Safron Foer Q&A. * Debbie Harry and the Muppets. * Notes towards a theory of the literary magazine. * Noah Cicero: “Then I noticed the Internet had websites, like 3:AM and Word Riot, which just blew my mind. It made me really excited to see the new literature online, but the new literature didn’t satisfy me either”. * Christian Bale to star in the movie adaptation of Ballard‘s Concrete Island. * Bauhaus reflections. * Zadie Smith on the North West London blues.

First posted: Sunday, June 24th, 2012.

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