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The Missing Links

Modern architecture’s dark side. * Abandoned train stations. * Faded outlines of phantom Manhattan buildings. * London’s streets of love & anarchy, Will Self takes a short stroll through the city. * Laura Oldfield Ford on London’s spaces lost to the Olympics. * Kapoor & Balmond’s Orbit captures the spirit of its time & place as much as Eiffel or Tatlin’s designs. * London’s top brutalist buildings. * Walking tour of London’s literary pubs. * Path to enlightenment, how walking inspires writers. * Christoph Simon‘s New York short stories. * Iosi Havilio interviewed. * Paulo Coelho is harmful to literature. * What makes a book ‘difficult’? * Beck‘s new ‘album’ Song Reader, twenty songs that exist only as individual pieces of sheet music. * Three Percent on the paradoxes of publishing. * Reassessing Richard Brautigan. * Re-thinking “non-retinal” literature. * Kevin Williamson on the Man Booker Prize & 44 years of institutionalised anti-Scottish racism. * The wisdom of not being too rational. * Ten London novels. * Literary ink, authors & their tattoos. * Flavorwire have a nice discussion of the future of American fiction going: Grace Krilanovich, Antoine Wilson. * Hipsters at the Louvre. * If hip-hop lyrics were book blurbs. * Shane Jones interviewed. * Ned Beauman on his “historical novel for people that detest the genre”. * Friend of 3:AM Tom Bradley interviewed by HTMLGIANT. * Secret London, dealing with the counterculture at Maggs. * Patti Smith‘s early poetry readings & rock shows. * Dr. Julius Neubronner’s miniature pigeon cameras. * Artists create giant portraits on live grass. * Desearch journal, “engagement with emergent ideas & undercurrents of radical thought.” * Everything is fiction, brilliant piece by Keith Ridgway on writing. * The literary life of Gerald Murnane. * aMAZEme labyrinth, the shape of Borges’ fingerprint, made from 250,000 books. * Against enthusiasm, Jacob Silverman on the epidemic of niceness in online book culture. * Notes from the underground, Guernica interview radical bookstore owner Sean Stewart. * “A classic Russian genre…bitter dark comedy depicting the absurdity of oppression.” Pussy Riot on trial (more here & there).

First posted: Sunday, August 12th, 2012.

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