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The Missing Links

Chris Marker‘s before & after slideshow of London riots (via @ballardian). * George Georgiou‘s Invisible: London photographs, shot through London bus windows & designed to look at the city’s ‘topography & migrations’ (via same). * Sebald erased, Justin Taylor & artist Bill Hayward perform an erasure on The Emigrants. * After the Olympics left, Granta on how Olympic cities have changed since the games. * Abandoned Olympic sites from around the world. * David Pelham’s iconic Ballard covers. * The Olympic City, a(nother) documentary project that looks post-game Olympic cities. * Entries to an 1890 competition to design a new tower in London. * Tonite Let’s All Make Love in London (1968), an insider’s view of 60s London counterculture. * Hari Kunzru‘s top ten list of (mostly) obscure books about underground London. * Nicholas Rombes on high definition obscurity. * “For me being an artist or a writer is always to do with the freedom.” James Kelman (see also, 3:AM‘s interview with Kelman). * Irvine Welsh‘s current obsession. * The fake books from The Royal Tenenbaums. * Your best Bob Dylan album calculator. * How to write a bad review. * A critic’s case for critics who are actually critical. * D.J. Taylor on what makes a modern classic. * Jeffrey Eugenides as Henry James. * Hemingway’s Paris apartment, Patti Smith & Robert Mapplethorpe’s Chelsea Hotel digs, a Google maps tour of authors’ houses (via @maudnewton). * Nathan Gelgud’s illustrated essay on the works of Albert Cossery. * [Dorothy B.] Hughes was that rare bird who couldn’t write a turkey. * Kafka’s Wound, a digital essay by Will Self. * Ten tangents for Satantango, Drew Johnson talks around a novel & a film. * Ahdaf Soueif asks if a novelist is a literary activist. * Kasparov at the Pussy Riot trial.

First posted: Sunday, August 19th, 2012.

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