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The Missing Links

A roundtable interview on the history of the Los Angeles hotel. * Dylan Trigg on alien origins. * Outward From Nothingness. * For nothing, against everything. * Nietzsche and moral nihilism. * Moby-Dick and nihilism. * “In many ways, Moby-Dick was more like a Victorian blog, and I often think that if Melville had been writing his book today, he would never have finished it: he’d be perpetually entering ‘whale’ into a search engine”. * Writers and suicide. * Sebald on Walser. * Digression in Walser, Bernhard and Stifter. * Peter Orner on Juan Rulfo and the beauty of not writing. * No future. * More on Punk: An Aesthetic. * The art of punk. * The unshackled cultivation of Rimbaud. * Stig Saeterbakken reviewed. * A 1983 documentary on Borges. * Hallward on Deleuze. * The New Republic on Sam Jordison‘s Not The Booker. * Freud on creative writing and daydreaming. * Audio interview with Deborah Levy over at Granta. * Deborah Levy: “Modernism is the air I breathe as a writer” (video). * Dada in Paris. * The Barbican celebrates Marcel Duchamp. * Will Self on Kevin Jackson‘s Constellation of Genius, 1922: Modernism Year One. * Luke Neima reviews Umbrella: “The most compelling part of Self‘s novel is not that it outwrites (or even pretends to parallel) the High Modernists, but that it has the nerve to state that contemporary writers can still aspire to compete”. * David Foster Wallace and the web. * Debbie Harry shows Americans how to pogo. * Who controls the internet? * Jokes, improv and John Cage. * Brian Eno‘s imaginary landscapes. * Roxy Music live, 1973. * An interview with Quentin Meillassoux. * Niven Govinden‘s Black Bread White Bread longlisted for the DSC Prize. * 3:AMer Christiana Spens‘s postcard poetry. * Darran Anderson on Susan Sontag‘s On Photography. * Heidi Julavits interviewed. * Ian Dury‘s daughter. * Vintage Soviet art and propaganda. * A teaser trailer for Bret Easton Ellis‘s The Canyons. * An interview with David Niven. * John Peel‘s record archive. * Groundwork, a new philosophy blog from Kingston University students. * Sylvia Kristel (aka Emmanuelle) R.I.P. * Eudora Welty on writing. * Is the editor dead? * Action philosophers! * Charlie Brown and Utilitarianism. * Lars Iyer‘s Wittgenstein Jr. * Le blog de Jean-Paul Sartre. * Hardcore violence moral panic circa 1980-81. * An anthology of Californian hardcore fanzine We Got Power! * The me who knew it. * Dressing For Pleasure revisited. * Pic: Lee Miller by Man Ray, 1930.

First posted: Sunday, October 21st, 2012.

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