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The Missing Links

The whiteness of the whale. * Brian Dillon‘s essay on essays. * Masha Tupitsyn on The Accidental Tourist: “For years I watched movies for this reason. Going into the places, alone, where I stopped feeling alone while also feeling my solitude and isolation more keenly”. * Revisiting Gombrowicz‘s Diary. * Gerald Bruns‘s very interesting review of Leslie Hill‘s Maurice Blanchot and Fragmentary Writing: A Change of Epoch. * Viv Albertine‘s Vermilion Red. * Buy sexual. * Gordon Lish interviewed. * What I know about Gordon Lish, 1986. * An extract from Kate Zambreno‘s Heroines. * Tamara Faith Berger in conversation with Kate Zambreno. * James Joyce‘s The Cats of Copenhagen. * Great American novel delays. * An interview with Daniel Levin Becker. * Does the angle between two walls have a happy ending? * Jenny Diski: “But I worry sometimes about what would happen if I ever believed I’d achieved it. If I ever woke up one morning convinced that I was the writer I always wanted to be, and not always falling short, what would I do?”. * Gilles Deleuze on Sacher-Masoch. * The Commissar vanishes. * An exhibition devoted to Claude Pélieu. * Jacques Dupin R.I.P. * How to lose yourself in Paris. * The French kissing map. * The Neon Museum, Las Vegas. * The death of love? * Carl Gustav Jung ponders death. * Lorin Stein on the state of the short story. * An extract from Adam Kotsko‘s Awkwardness. * On Jacques Roubaud‘s Mathematics. * David Hare on Mad Men 5: “Perhaps it was more fun for us, and for them, when they knew less. But it’s not untrue”. * Paradise Garage, 1971. * The English Iliad. * Bela Tarr‘s The Turin Horse. * Le générateur de manifestes. * An interview with David Byrne. * Academic Writing Month. * Gavin James Bower on Random Penguins. * The Asperger family. * AM Homes interviewed by Jeanette Winterson. * Berfrois on Tumblr. * Scott Esposito on Robert Walser‘s Microscripts. * Choosing Sylvia Plath‘s poems. * Warren Ellis interviewed. * Dan Fox on NYC after Hurricane Sandy. * A history of NYC’s destruction in fiction. * The end times. * Literature is not data. * Joshua Cohen on the internet era. * An interview with Helen DeWitt. * “Literary fiction” as a genre. * On Harry Matthews‘s 25 Lines a Day. * Jon Savage on the early Rolling Stones. * Daniel Trilling on Britain’s far right. * Philosophy as a way of life. * An interview with Blake Butler. * Deleuze on Spinoza. * L’homme postmoderne. * Mrs Rankin on her “teenage student” of a husband. * DT Max discusses his David Foster Wallace biography. * Reflections on a postcard from David Foster Wallace. * Unfinishable books? * The Anti-Nowhere League. * Bela Tarr‘s Werckmeister Harmonies. * Free Cinema documentary. * Three cheers for anarchism. * Borges and Derrida — together!. * Twitter and literature. * “I returned to Blake, my first and still best reminder of how important it is to get form and content into proper alignment. I reread The Marriage of Heaven and Hell, and went back to the section entitled The Printing House in Hell, in which there are six chambers, the first five of which house various metaphorical representations of the forces of inspiration. Then, in the sixth chamber — in an ironic denial of what has caused them imaginatively — ‘the books are received by men and arranged in libraries’. The Sixth Chamber Press! No one got the joke, or even recognised the allusion, and I was asked if the name was a reference to Russian roulette? I considered a logo with a portrait of William Blake holding a revolver to his head.” * Pic.

First posted: Saturday, November 10th, 2012.

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