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The Missing Links

The politics of destroying language. * An interview with Gustav Metzger. * The novel and the origins of modern philosophy. * Gordon Lish edited this. * The school of Lish. * A short film based on Robert Walser‘s “Ovation”. * Time’s dark back. * Adam Biles talks about Grey Cats out on 3:AM Press. The book is reviewed here. * Coming very soon: the wonderful Deborah Levy‘s Black Vodka. * Swimming Home reviewed in the New York Times. * Deborah Levy reviews Gabriel Josipovici‘s Infinity: Infinity is a novel about an artist who finds his voice. It is also a meditation on what he has had to reject in order to do so”. * The Spectator on The White Review‘s new literary prize (to be judged, inter alia, by the thrice aforementioned Deborah Levy). * Rites of Spring (the band). * Virginia Woolf by Man Ray. * Terry Eagleton on the Derrida biography: “He did, however, have an unlikely sympathiser. When the Duke of Edinburgh, chancellor of Cambridge University, presented Derrida with his degree in the year in which Charles and Diana separated, he murmured to him that deconstruction had begun to affect his own family too”. * An interview with Blake Butler. * Wire on The Late Show, 1987. * John WatersMultiple Maniacs, 1970. * Young Morrissey. * Tyranny of the happy ending. * James Bridle in Cabinet magazine. * The unreadable. * John Updike on the mysteries of the universe. * The 25 best (?) punk love songs. * Brian Dillon among the overlooked books of 2012. * Kandisky drawing, 1926. * Joe Maher (Flowered Up) R.I.P. * Rotten reviews. * How the Dogme manifesto reinvented Denmark. * Masha Tupitsyn on Pretty in Pink: “What McCarthy was talking about seeing in himself in movies like Pretty in Pink and St. Elmo’s Fire was the (his) body/being/face prior to the screen. That is, the a posteriori of the a priori via fame.” * Masha Tupitsyn‘s Love Dog. * Dennis Cooper on Robert Bresson. * The Defenestration of St Martin. * Henry James is bigger than that. * A hipster lit flow chart. * Pictures of David Bowie, Iggy Pop and Lou Reed partying. * Gertrude Stein (audio). * Pic: Clarice Lispector, allegedly.

First posted: Sunday, December 2nd, 2012.

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