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The Missing links

Marinetti recorded in 1935. * The spectacle of disintegration. * A Crass documentary. * Utopian for beginners. * The phantom phone booth. * On Mary Ruefle. * Mary Ruefle: “I know now I continue to write because I have not yet heard what I have been listening to”. * Back to Berlin. * The novel that reinvented fiction. * How Bowie made The Next Day. * Eight films by Gordon Matta-Clark, including Food (1972). * The psychoanalysis of Mars. * Edward Hopper as home and homesickness. * Deborah Levy in Fleeting Magazine: “I’m not sure where we land when we fall out of love”. * Delta 5. * Nothing” by Ben Marcus. * Louis Malle‘s adaptation of Drieu La Rochelle‘s Le Feu Follet. * The Broken Dimanche Press Manifesto. * Juliet Jacques‘s Manifesto for Confessional Journalism. * Nicholas Royle on the allure of the first novel. His seventh novel — First Novel — is reviewed here. * Teddy boys on the loose, 1977. * Robert Walser street art. * Delia Derbyshire Day. * Hauntology revisited. * John Foxx and friends discuss music and identity in the digital age. * Musique concrète soundtracks to short films, 1956-1978. * A documentary about Pierre Henry. * Brian Dillon on Aspen Magazine. * An interview with the very talented Viv Albertine: “To be this age and to have not played for twenty-five years, I had to absolutely start from zero, from standing still”. (Watch her latest Christmas song here. Cool live version of “Hookup Girl” there.) * TV Smith‘s tour diaries. * John Ashberry interviewed in the New York Observer. * On Philip Glass‘s The Perfect American. * Vini Reilly‘s financial woes. * James Joyce in Trieste. * In praise of Anna Karina. * Books in movies. * Paper labyrinths. * Stewart Home on his new novel. * Nina Power on the pessimism of time. * Hanif Kureishi reads Kafka‘s “A Hunger Artist”; Will Self reads Borges‘s “On Exactitude in Science” in the Guardian. * Will Self on J.G. Ballard. * Will Self on the US publication of Umbrella. * Will Self‘s terminal thoughts: “This may seem rather shocking to you, but I’m expecting to kill myself”. * Will Self and Nicholas Lezard do opera. * The Secret Files of Gilbert & George, 2000. * OMD on “Enola Gay“. * An interview with Michael Taussig. * Photographer Joe Stevens has revamped his website. * Johnny Rotten at Gunter Grove, 1978. * Wire live in Germany, 1979. * Kurt Schwitters collages. * Blondie on Merv Griffin, 1980. * An audio interview with Christine Schutt. * Gertrude Stein‘s alphabet book. * Hitchcock and suspense. * The truth about Hitchcock? * The roots of The Smiths. * Johnny Marr on his first solo album. * How to be a pseudo-intellectual. * The importance of note-taking. * An interview with Zadie Smith. * Zadie Smith vs Thomas Aquinas. * For the love of forgery. * Skinny jeans. * Joe Milutis on the transformation of “junk text” into poetry. * Nico and Iggy Pop in “Evening of Light”, 1969. * An interview with Marianne Faithfull. * A László Krasznahorkai reading list. * László Krasznahorkai‘s “lyrical essay about the terrible meeting between boorishness & aggressiveness”. * Steve Mitchelmore revisits Knausgaard. * The creative writing controversy. * Dalkey Archive’s modest proposal. * Masha Tupitsyn: “[T]he camera “saw” what no one else could see, even redefining the requirements for seeing”. * Django Rechained. * Tarantino: “I’m shutting your butt down”. * Young Marble Giants Peel Session, August 1980. * “Reading Platonov is a reminder of alternatives to Franzenish pleas for real people, real feelings, real lives.” More here. * Joanna Walsh‘s gorgeous drawings of author photos. * Chuck Berry unimpressed by punk and new wave, 1980. * David Sadaris reads Fifty Shades of Grey. * Slavoj Žižek profiled. * Shaun Ryder at 50.

First posted: Sunday, January 13th, 2013.

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