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The Missing Links

David Shields: how to write yourself into existence. * Brian Dillon. * Twelve seminars with W. G. Sebald. * W.G. Sebald on Bookworm. * The birth of Rock Against Racism. * All of Angela Carter‘s pieces for the LRB. * An interview with John Tottenham, whose sadness is deeper than yours. * Modernism, photography and the occult. * Modernism redux: “In a secret laboratory underneath the BBC archive there is a small room containing a special machine. It’s a BBC prototype ‘RP-1 Ethermatic remitter’. An experimental machine designed to retrieve (‘remit’) past radio signals back out of the air. Although partially successful during field trials in 1922 it was never made fully operational…until now. Will Self has been given access to the machine to investigate the relationship between early radio technology and modern culture”. * When Sartre met Baader. * Beckett’s library. * Cioran on Beckett. * Bresson and Cézanne. * Darran Anderson talks about his forthcoming book on Gainsbourg‘s L’Histoire de Melody Nelson. * Jennifer Egan on writing. * An interview with Lars Iyer: “Over the years, I tried to produce a kind of magma of text, endlessly streaming. I dreamed of creating a million-word hyperlinked document, with theoretical elements, to be sure, but also non-theoretical ones, automatic ones, encompassing everything I had read, seen and experienced: a total book; my equivalent of Burroughs’s legendary ‘Word Hoard’. What hubris!” * Lars Iyer‘s press kit interview for Exodus. * David Morris‘s excellent review of Lars Iyer‘s trilogy: “Yet Iyer manages to force pub banter beyond this point: the satire spears a kind of pretentiousness, an assumed loftiness, whilst somehow maintaining those lofty ideals. British working class deprecation taken to continental heights”. * The joy of Essex. * An extract from Mark O’Connell‘s Epic Fail. * On Roberto Bolaño‘s short stories. * Gary Lutz: “[T]he automatic doors that led from the long-term parking lot to the terminal wouldn’t even open for me—I tried three sets of them. The sensors, I guess, failed to detect sufficient bodily or characterical presence. Then a happy-looking couple materialized and the doors parted, and I rushed in behind them. I wasn’t surprised that I set off the alarms at the security checkpoint—I felt almost phosphorescently guilty in general”. * Punk in the university. * Allen Ginsberg‘s Beat photos. * Miss the smell of real books? * The Gordon Lish Knopf bibliography. * Nabokov: a good reader is “a rereader“. * The writer as public institution. * Will Self‘s “comfort savagery“. * Exorcisms in style. * Jon Savage‘s favourite glam rock tracks. * Tom Bradley on neo-atheism and the demiurge. * Kraftwerk. * Kraftwerk live. * The story Hemingway didn’t write. * Top 10 steampunk bands. * How to live without irony. * The battle of the literary magazines. * Books on prescription. More here. * Untranslatable words. * Mapping London. * The destruction of buildings in London 2010-2012. * Riot Grrrl 20 years on. * The return of Bikini Kill. * Jacques Derrida (video). * The birth of Deconstruction. * John Ashbery interviewed. * Kafka’s sons. * Stanislaw Lem on Dick. * Weird realism. * Sid and Nancy’s death pact. * Ed Koch‘s New York. * Imperfect strollers. * Marc Bolan‘s 1977 TV series. * William Faulkner‘s “A Rose for Emily“. * Wilko Johnson interviewed: “We came out of the hospital and I was feeling high, elated. Normally I suffer from depression, and I thought maybe this was a reaction, but then a few nights later I was sitting in my room upstairs. I’ve got my room really nice, and it feels great sitting in there with my things around me. And I thought: ‘I love being in my room.’ Normally, I’d be sitting there thinking: ‘My room is very groovy — but I’m really hung up about this.’ I’d be worrying away about some rubbish. And now, suddenly, nothing mattered. Nothing mattered. I’m just sitting here in my room, and I love this room, and ain’t this nice just sitting here? And I realised: you are alive and you are existing in the moment. You’re not worried about the tax return. And it’s a bloody good feeling being alive”.

First posted: Sunday, February 3rd, 2013.

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