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The Missing Links

Defining metamodernism. * Clarice Lispector on first kisses. * Susan Sontag on Walter Benjamin. * Deborah Levy‘s Black Vodka, “ominous, odd, erotic stories burrow deep into your brain, fabulously jolting, dreamlike. * Deborah Levy’s London. * Eerie images of London nights, 1934. * “Poetry does not have subject matter, because it is the subject.” Ashbery & Koch in conversation. * The sounds of Sam Lipsyte. * The weight of books. * 25 points on The Arcadia Project: North American Postmodern Pastoral. * No one reads Hob Broun. * The difference between a concept & a constraint. * Vini Reilly interviewed. * On Mina Loy‘s ‘Feminist Manifesto’. * Béla Tarr‘s film school. * Ruins in reverse. * Michael Seidenberg‘s unsolicited advice for living in the end times. * Necessary Fiction‘s writer-in-residence David Rose on UK indie publishing. * Gay Talese’s outline for ‘Frank Sinatra Has a Cold’ written on a shirt board. * HOAX magazine. * David Mitchell translates autistic teenager’s memoir. * BSJ, a “peer-reviewed journal aimed at promoting the work of B.S. Johnson through academic criticism, essays, interviews, review & creative work”. * Intoxication in Paris. * Is Louis CK our Gogol? * Christine M. Korsgaard on getting animals in view. * Proust’s handwriting is bad; it is the handwriting of a novelist rather than a dandy.” * Aleksandar Hemon‘s personal history of Sarajevo. * David Shields: “I use the internet as a tool to figure out where the war is being waged that day on our individual & collective minds.” * The cultural genetics of César Aira. * Carlos Labbé, your next favourite Latin American writer. * Ben Lerner on Keith Waldrop‘s haunted realism. * James Lasdun on being stalked & what D.H. Lawrence would do about it. * “It seems to me there are always two Perecs: the man awake – the Oulipian who builds the labyrinth – & the “man asleep” towards whose condition all his wakeful Oulipian structures tend.” * On Failure: A Writer’s Life. * Barthelme, & DFW‘s course syllabi. * Pynchon takes on Silicon Alley. More. * [Image: 50 Watts]

First posted: Wednesday, February 27th, 2013.

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