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The Missing Links

Anne Carson: “There is something maddeningly attractive about the untranslatable, about a word that goes silent in transit.”. * Greg Baxter on not reading Musil to the (missing) end: “After all the furious and swift reading I did in Dublin, I was happy to luxuriate in sentences, to read sentences over and over, without any desire to get to the end”. * An interview with Enrique Vila-Matas. * Junkopia: a short film by Chris Marker, 1981. * Around Chris Marker. * Kenneth Goldsmith in the Paris Review: “It’s an impossible project, and if it ever is published — I have my doubts that, due to size and copyright issues, it’s publishable at all — I’ll be sixty-five before I see it in print”. * A review of Weird Realism. * Michèle Bernstein interviewed on French TV, 1960. * “At this very moment, reading this letter, you know that I am dead” [via]. * Bernhard’s way. * An interview with Evan Lavender-Smith. * Lars Iyer on the radio. * Another interview with Lars Iyer. * Roberto Bolaño‘s Antwerp. * Flaubert and Nabokov’s early attempts. * Nabokov on life and literature. * Fernando Pessoa‘s philosophical essays. * Richard Hell interview. * A Keith Levene tutorial. * David Byrne‘s score for The Catherine Wheel. * The difference between a concept and a constraint. * Desperately seeking rue Simon-Crubellier. * On Derrida. * Carry on Derrida. * Terry Eagleton on the “bone-headed responses to the death of Jacques Derrida back in 1994. * Breivik and the Frankfurt School. * On Susan Sontag‘s Against Interpretation. * Late postmodernism. * Masha Tupitsyn‘s forthcoming Love Dog. * Deborah Levy in the Irish Times. * A short story by Robert Walser, taken from the forthcoming Berlin Stories. * “…in raptures it [the world] will writhe before you” (Kafka). * Forthcoming symposium on the legacy of Christine Brooke-Rose with, inter alia, Brian Dillon and Tom McCarthy. * A decline in British fiction? * Looking back at Granta‘s Best of Young British Novelists. More here. * Alex Clark‘s own BOYBN list. * Ben Marcus on Robert Coover. * Remembering Barry Hannah. * Joe Milutis‘s adaptation/translation of Klaus Reichert‘s German translation of Robert Creeley‘s 1968 “Numbers Suite” (video). * A radio interview with Joe Milutis, author of Failure, a Writer’s Life. * Christine Schutt interviewed. * Schutt on what she likes least as a writer. * Fictitious art collectors. * Amie Dicke: Inaesthetics. * The return of Renata Adler. * Renata Adler is back in print. * Renata Adler in The Believer. * The Gin Mill Cowboy. * 1000 words by Tim Parks. * What Mad Men says about women. * Berlin: then and now. * Virginia Woolf on Laurence Sterne. * Paul Morley on post-punk, Krautrock and his first Walkman. * Punk culture in Southeast Asia. * Rare live footage of The Clash from 1977 and 1980. * L.A. hardcore revisted. * Punk in the Soviet Union. * The politics of destroying language. * James Bridle on writing and technology. * A short interview with former 3:AM editor Tao Lin. Review of Taipei. * The world’s smallest book, possibly. * South by Southwest. * Early 20th century Michelin Man costumes. * Mark O’Connell interviewed. * Constructs of desire. * A Bayeux Tapestry / Winnie the Pooh mashup. * Sam Mills‘s top 10 fictional sex changes. * Top 10 Millenial authors you probably haven’t read yet. * A 1969 documentary about British skinheads and hell’s angels. * Samizdat Plus, a new literary journal. * Seeing the subway. * Book sculptures. * Peter Saville record sleeves. * A young David Lynch on “New Wave theatre”. * Miranda Sawyer: “We mix ourselves up with music”. * Guy Debord exhibition in Paris. * Why the French are so miserable. * An interview with Keston Sutherland. * Shane Smith‘s gonzo empire. * The Sheila Heti Riot Grrl collection. * Sheila Heti interviewed. * Urban regeneration in Las Vegas. * Morrissey and her. * Unseen works by Basquiat. * The ruins of Neuilly-sur-Seine. * Gordon Lish, 1986 (audio). * Nicholas Blincoe on electrosensitiity. * Walt Disney‘s story of menstruation, 1946. * Capturing the digital universe. * Sadomodernism. * The cinema of Man Ray. * Métal Urbain. * Ex-wife diaries. * Pigbag. * Gavin James Bower on Mods. * His month as a 60s Mocker. * Beckett reading from Watt. * Hitler’s philosophers. * Jess Franco R.I.P. * Julian Barnes interviewed. * Matt Haig hates “literary fiction“. * Pico Iyer‘s cities of sleep. * Andy Warhol‘s movies. * How do writers keep warm? * The irrational exuberance of Rem Koolhaas. * Joe Dunthorne on unfaithful film adaptations of books.

First posted: Monday, April 8th, 2013.

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