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The Missing Links

Deborah Levy‘s “Migrations to Elsewhere“. * An interview with Stewart Home. * Martin Heidegger talks. * Tributes to WG Sebald. * An extract from Sebald‘s A Place in My Country. * On fragments. * John Cage on a TV game show, 1960. * Notes on Werner Herzog. * E.M. Cioran. * Cabinet: a magazine without qualities? * The Frankfurt School parts two and three. * A new translation of Marcel Schwob. * Alfred Jarry‘s Pataphysical life. * René Daumal‘s Pataphysical Essays. * Georges Perec‘s La Boutique obscure reviewed. * The Oulipo today. * When Dickens met Dostoevsky. * Kenneth Goldsmith on the transcribed life. * Eight critical essays on Harmony Korine‘s Spring Breakers. * On Knausgaard. * Sam Lipsyte interviewed in the Los Angeles Review of Books. Another interview here. * The film adaptation of former 3:AM editor Tao Lin‘s Shoplifting from American Apparel. * Tao Lin‘s new column for Vice magazine. * Tony White reads from his new work, Shackleton’s Man Goes South. * David Shields and Renata Adler. * Morrissey, Russell Brand, Simon Schama, Ken Livingstone, John Lydon, Andrew Spooner and Ian McEwan on Maggie. * Dancing on Maggie’s grave. More here. * Five writers and songs on Mrs T. * Slavoj Žižek on Thatcher and also on onthological incompleteness. * An interview with John Calder. * Boy George’s Bowie nights. * Dan Holloway‘s new book is wordless: it tells a story through numbers. Evie and Guy is “the history of a relationship told through the white space of the protagonists’ most solitary act. It comprises simply of the dates, times, and duration in seconds (bracketed where the act was interrupted or unclimactic) of every act of masturbation in their lives”. * Wordless. * A Borges documentary. * A podcast of Stuart Snelson‘s “The Recovery Position“. * How Tim Parks‘s The Server became Sex is Forbidden. * On Jeff Noon‘s writing career. * Sylvia Beach on publishing Ulysses, 1962. * Kosmo Vinyl. * Boyd Tonkin on the difficult times ahead for the latest batch of Best of Young British Novelists. * More BOYBN here, here, here, and of course here. And here’s Philip Hensher‘s verdict. * Goodbye Boy, an audiobook by Tobias Benedetto. * George Steiner in the Paris Review, 1995. * On creative writing and reading. * The end of everything. * Barry Hannah‘s ‘lost’ novel. * Erasing Robert Frank. * Ok – a history. * Delta 5. * Do writers ever really retire?. * Kilburn and the High Roads, 1974. * On Paul Auster and J.M. Coetzee‘s correspondence. * The trauma of the pink shirt by Simon Critchley. * A new translation of Goethe‘s Werther. * Picture crimes. * The most beautiful abandoned places. * Michel Foucault‘s lectures on truth, discourse and the self. * Poetry on the terraces. * Malcolm McLaren‘s headstone. * Elegy to the Polaroid SX-70. * A Tale of Three Cities.

First posted: Saturday, April 20th, 2013.

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