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The Missing Links

John Tottenham: “If I killed myself it would completely validate the work. The only problem is I haven’t done the work”. * The realia of William Gaddis. * Robert Walser. * One Way Street: Fragments for Walter Benjamin (John Hughes, 1993). * A review of Frederic Jameson‘s A Singular Modernity. * Samuel Roth, infamous modernist. * Kafka‘s inner life. * Lars Iyer and Joe Milutis interviewed on Resonance FM‘s Little Atoms. * Maxi Kim interviews Susana Medina, the wonderful purveyor of Borgesian chica lit: “All the stories are conceived as spaces, like art installations”. * William Gass interviewed. * William Gass: How I write. * Brian Dillon reviews Gass‘s Middle C. * Lee Rourke signed up by Fourth Estate. * Blake Morrison on Lee Miller. * The revamped Lee Miller archives. * Three films on the early 80s goth scene. * 3:AM‘s Max Liu meets up with Knausgaard for The Independent. * Reviews of Knausgaard‘s A Man in Love. * A Time for Everything. * Zelda Fitzgerald. * Frederic Jameson‘s A Singular Modernity reviewed. * Laure Albin Guillot exhibition in Paris. * An interview with Evie Wyld. * The short films of Louis C.K., 1993-99. * A review of Granta‘s Best of Young British Novelists 4. * George Saunders‘ reluctant desktop. * On JG Ballard. * Ascent of the Modernists. * The cult of authenticity. * Bellow, père et fils. * Andrei Tarvokvsky documentary, 1983. * Renata Adler interviewed. * Peter Saville on designing Tony Wilson‘s headstone. * Zizek talks about the purpose of philosophy from the comfort of his bed. * Mark Fisher on the secret sadness of the 21st century. * The return of Spare Rib.

First posted: Thursday, April 25th, 2013.

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