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The Missing Links

The many identities of Fernando Pessoa. * Rare 1952 William Faulkner documentary. * The London nobody sings. * Kindergarde. * The Academy of Modern Ruins is turning an abandoned petrol station on Route 66 into The Philosopher’s Library. * Nostalgia for the Net. * Rhys Tranter‘s fascinating interview with Rick Cluchey. * 3:AM‘s Anna Aslanyan on the Christine Brooke-Rose symposium in the LRB blog. More by Michael Caines over at the TLS blog: “It appears that a ‘new genealogy’ of English post-war fiction, hoped for by [Tom] McCarthy, is already with us, if only we have eyes to see it”. * On Christine Brooke-Rose‘s Textermination and Xorandor. * An interview with translator Kate Briggs apropos of Roland Barthes‘s The Preparation of the Novel. * Paul Celan reads “Todesfuge“. * Thoughts on a sentence by Robert Walser. * Stephen Sparks on Alfred Starr Hamilton: “Can we see Hamilton as New Jersey’s answer to Robert Walser?” * Tzara vs. Burroughs / Gysin. * Terrence Malick has legendary status for two things: the movies he has made, and the movies he has not made.” * Best translated books awards. * The invention of David Bowie. * Deborah Levy at Faber Academy: “What is the elephant in your novel?” * Tim Parks on reading it wrong. * “The Carmen Horse“, suite et fin: “The image that cannot–must not–be shown. Every narrative conceals a secret, no matter how small”. * Modernist magazines. * Freud’s couch needs £5,000 restoration job. * Christopher Turner on Freud‘s couch. * Lars Iyer‘s Exodus reviewed in The Literateur, as well as by 3:AM‘s David Winters. * Zazie in the Metro (full film). * On techno-primitivism. * Gavin James Bower on Claude Cahun. * Raymond Carver edited by Gordon Lish. * Sheila Rock‘s wonderful photographs chronicling punk‘s evolution from “individual creativity” to “collective identity”. * Jonathan Ross’s London punk demi-monde polaroids. * A rare Joe Stevens picture of Chrissie Hynde and Kate Simon wearing the iconic naked boy T-shirt from McLaren and Westwood‘s Sex (early 1976). * Paul Gorman‘s archaeology of the Anarchy shirt. * Bryan Waterman reviews Richard Hell’s autobiography. * Richard Hell‘s matutinal routine. * The Heartbreakers at Max’s Kansas City, 1979. * Jello Biafra on Oprah, 1990. * The current Chinese punk scene. * Punk and Situationism. * On the many failures of the Met’s punk exhibition. More here. * The new Mods. * The Electric Circus (the NYC club, not the Manchester punk venue). * Celebrating the bicentenary of Kierkegaard‘s birth. * Will Self on Modernism, pessimism, WG Sebald, post-industial landscapes and the British psyche, and Thatcher’s funeral. * Desert silence. * Why does the world exist? * Proust‘s illustrated poems. * Ray Harryhausen R.I.P. * Finnish headgear. * Tracey Emin‘s photo album. * John Waters documentary, 1993. * John Cale and Jonathan Richman on Aussie TV, 1983. * Spolia. * London fictions. * James Joyce guitar hero, 1915. * New Yorker handwrites King James Bible. * A guide to imaginary relationships. * [Out of Nothing]. * On Gogol: Dead Souls “is all the better for remaining unfinished”. * Bartleby in the University of California. * Alan McGee launches new label. * Lynne Tillman on the life and death of images (video). * On David Lynch. * HP Lovecraft‘s stories. * Taylor Mead R.I.P. * Andy Warhol shopping for Campbell’s soup, 1965. * Beach beauties. * The footed void. * Krasznahorkai on Bookworm. * Grammar rules everyone should adhere to. * John Berger: drawing is discovery. * Nicholas Lezard on Dante. * On marginalia. * Jack Kerouac‘s restless odyssey. * Retro couples. * Stuart Evers reviews Knausgaard‘s A Man in Love. * Applying neuroscience to literature. * Alex Niven interviewed. * John Cooper Clarke: top 10 poems.

First posted: Sunday, May 12th, 2013.

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