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The Missing Links

Chris Petit‘s The Museum of Loneliness. * A brief history of appropriative writing. * If streets are sentences. * Celebrating the A303. * An interview with Glenn Branca. * The Japanese have a name for it: tsundoku. * What next for Joshua Cohen?: “It’s the book Nabokov would’ve written had he liked Joyce”. * Robert Walser: scribe of the small. * An introduction to Josef Winkler. * Ben Marcus on “The Dark Arts“. * On Anne Carson‘s Red Doc>. * He is perhaps the closest Ireland has come to producing a Susan Sontag: Brian Dillon interviewed by Kevin Breathnach: “My patience for fiction that isn’t very sophisticated is kind of limited. This sounds stupid, but I like really, really, really good fiction. I get bored very easily with what you might call ‘middling’ fiction”. * Ben Greenman and Darin Strauss in conversation. * An interview with Maggie Dubris. * WG Sebald‘s legacy. * Sebald‘s A Place in the Country reviewed. * Tracking Sebald. * A conceptual literature bibliography. * Stop the South Bank developers! * Femen. * Mike Covey‘s “The Offbeats” (featuring Ben Myers, Joseph Ridgwell, Matthew Coleman and a brief cameo by Lee Rourke). * A forthcoming documentary about JD Salinger. * Generation X to reform? * An interview with David Shields. * Faction of the Fox (thanks guys!) * Prozac and artistic creativity. * Garbage girls. * Iain Sinclair and Jonathan Meades in conversation (video). * A museum devoted to East Germany. * Nina Hagen interviewed. (See her infamous live masturbation lesson here.). * Kafka‘s Metamorphosisread backwards. * “Did you hear about the Oulipian stripper? She delivered a lipogram before vanishing, with an invisible wink.” * Ten Lessons in Theory. * Stanislaw Lem‘s Summa Technologiae. * Punk as fashion, music, and theory. * Paul Auster and J.M. Coetzee‘s correspondence. * Bill Drummond. * As I Lay Dying trailer. * Adrian Tahourdin on the one and only Iggy Pop. * John Berger‘s G. * Laurie Penny‘s “Saudade“. * Quiet Paris. * Dan Holloway on the Albion Beatnik bookshop‘s viral success. * Empty hotel corridors. * Retyping The Great Gatsby on a 1936 Remington.

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First posted: Sunday, May 19th, 2013.

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