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The Missing Links

Simon Critchley’s suicide note workshop. * Writers’ letters: to burn or not to burn? * Must poets write? * 10 reasons not to be a writer by Matt Haig. * Words written and unwritten by Kevin Reid, George Szirtes and Bobby Parker. * Things coming apart. * Paul Theroux: “It’s very liberating to just disappear, very liberating”. * Raymond Roussel, millionaire: “He makes sport of all Paris”! * Lydia Davis wins the 2013 Man Booker International Prize. * Lydia Davis in conversation with Emily Stokes, 2012. * A 2011 interview with Lydia Davis in Gigantic magazine, 2011. * Ali Smith on Lydia Davis. * Lydia Davis and microblogging fiction. * PennSound audio archive of Lydia Davis readings, 1983-2010. * Lydia Davis’s “Break It Down” read by James Salter. * James Salter interviewed by Stuart Evers. * Gerhard Richter‘s November series. * On Fernando Pessoa, the metaphysical courier. * Steve Jones and Paul Cook interview, November 1977. * Donald Sutherland on Stan Brakhage. * Henri Cartier-Bresson: The Decisive Moment, 1973. * Clash City Rockers: “[T]he chemistry of the four us is so unique. But also each person is the sum of their experiences when they play music. You’re expressing yourself in a way that is not quantifiable”. * Chris Marker and the spiral of time. * A celebration of NOON. * Susana Medina says “no” and “ah”. * Garry Winogrand‘s classic and unseen photographs. * German stereotypes. * Objects lost and found at Grand Central. * Missed connections. * A loose adaptation of Max Ernst‘s La Femme 100 têtes. * When Northern Ireland’s punk history went up in flames. * Keith Haring exhibition in Paris. * Louise Erdrich: “I approach the work as though I’m nothing and the words are everything. Then I write to save my life”. * The philosophy of immortality. * At home with Patti Smith. * Culture is not a thing with an essence; it is continuously in the process of becoming something else.” * The essay, an exercise in doubt. * Ismail Kadaré: “The writer is always to some extent in exile…because he is somehow outside, separated from others“. * Italo Calvino‘s correspondence. * An interview with The Fits. * When Kurt Cobain met William Burroughs. * How long can the ‘Keep Calm’ trend carry on? * Guy Debord action figure (pictured). * The Smiths‘s debut TV interview, 1984. * A 2008 BBC adaptation of JG Ballard‘s “The Enormous Space“. * Harry Matthews: “The Poet as Outlaw“. * Postmodernism and the administration of fear. * Adam Thirlwell podcast at Granta. * Brian Dillon on Eileen Gray: “She produced a pure black lacquered square to be mounted on a wall like a flat-screen TV in 1915 — the same year as Malevich’s more celebrated painting”. * Paul Delany on Vancouver as postmodern city. * George Saunders interviewed. * Alfred Leslie and Robert Frank‘s Pull My Daisy, 1959.

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First posted: Tuesday, May 28th, 2013.

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