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The Missing Links

Download Valéry‘s Monsieur Teste. * William Gaddis‘s correspondence. * 3:AM‘s David Winters on Micheline Aharonian Marcom‘s A Brief History of Yes. * An interview with Lars Iyer. * Five new stories by Lydia Davis. More here. * An extract from Lynne Tillman‘s work-in-progress, Men and Apparitions. * Spectral brides. * The Returned. * 10 artists who destroyed their own works. * 3:AM‘s Greg Gerke on James Salter. * Christy Wampole on the “essayification of everything“. * Ben Myers‘s new book. * Sid Vicious on his way to a Bowie gig, 1973 [see picture]. * An interview with Anne Carson. * John Douglas Miller on the haunting avant-garde. * B. S. Johnson and the amniotic fluid of words. * The consecution of Gordon Lish. * An excerpt from Gordon Lish‘s Peru. * Jack Gilbert interviewed by Gordon Lish. * Grid politics. * Nabokov on The Metamorphosis. * The bad luck of Samuel Menashe. * Nicholas Lezard on Xavier de Maistre‘s A Journey Around My Room. * Robert Macfarlane in Camden Lock. * Landscope, a 2005 film written and narrated by Tom McCarthy about Jem Finer (of The Pogues)’s work: “It was never shown due to a concern that they [the BBC] had too much conceptual art on that week”. * On William Gass‘s The Tunnel. * William Gass on A Humument. * 100 literary rumours by Blake Butler: Gary Lutz has beaten Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!! more than 400 times”. * Edouard Levé‘s Amérique. * Rest in pieces: Otto Muehl is no more. * An interview with John Gray. * Rachel Kushner interviewed. * Another interview here. * Rachel Kushner reviews Richard Hell‘s memoir. * A review of The Flamethrowers. * Rachel Kushner‘s success is not due to her gender. * Romola Garai on Pussy Riot. * Ex-Menswear Johnny Dean speaks. * Maurice Blanchot on Bachelard. * Deleuze et Blanchot. * A documentary about Chris Marker. * Printing out the internet. * George Plimpton on film. * Just another IKEA catalog: cheap Swedish furniture in amateur porn. * An interview with TV Smith. * Matthew De Abaitua on being Will Self‘s “live-in amanuensis” in the early 90s. * Will Self‘s rules for reading aloud. * Will Self on his punk / post-punk days (video). Thanks to Dirk Felleman. * Against Alice Munro. * The task of the translator. * Tim Parks: “…[I]t is impossible to translate a work from the past and not be influenced by what has happened since”. * On literature in translation. * All life is an act of translation. * An excerpt from Tao Lin‘s Taipei. * Ned Beauman interviewed. * Ned Beauman on gang stalking. * Winnie-the-Pooh read by AA Milne, 1929. * Towards JG Ballard‘s Crash, 1971. * A new story by Nicholas Rombes. * Digital The Rite of Spring. * James Bridle at the ICA on 15 June. * Wu Ming Foundation‘s top 10 utopias. * Wu Ming in the New Statesman. * Borges‘s course on English literature: “Borges was fond of the idea that an inability to forget would make life unbearable and meaningless. There are so many things we can do without. Professor Borges is one of them”. * 5 unsolved literary mysteries. * How words saved Matt Haig‘s life. * Outsider photography. * Alan Moore interviewed in The Believer. * How to read Agamben. * Alexandre Kojève: after revolutionary terror. * Robert Coover reads Italo Calvino‘s “The Daughters of the Moon“. * Marcel Schwob: the passive adventurer. * Does great literature make us better? * Knausgaard‘s A Man in Love reviewed in the Telegraph. * Matt Smith: the rise and fall of the hipster Doctor. * Bernard-Henri Lévy on art and philosophy. * Street art has become the establishment. * “Psycho Killer“. * “The Cherry Tree” by Sheila Heti. * Teju Cole on Google’s Macchia. * The first picture of the moon, taken by John William Draper, 1839. * “Merde” by Leos Carax. * Low theory. * McKenzie Watk on the bourgeois novel. * Cendrars revient. * A Different Stripe. * The Riot Grrrl collection. * Granta podcast: George Saunders. * Tom Sharpe R.I.P. * Campus fiction. * The End of Oulipo? * The Sun on a topless book club. * Craig Taylor talks about Five Dials: “One [subscriber] prints copies of the magazine at her workplace and then puts them in a folder with her company’s crest emblazoned on the front. She then leans back at her desk and reads Five Dials with a look on her face that might imply she is examining a spreadsheet”. * An interview with Irvine Welsh. * Richard Linklater‘s Slacker, 1991. * Poetry in rabbits. * Gilles Deleuze on cinema. * An interview with Paula Rego. * James Joyce on being in love. * A poem by Roberto Bolaño. * The MLA on how to cite a Tweet. * The Electric Prunespsychedelic liturgies. * How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives. * The UK to become world’s biggest gallery. * Nice piece on Gatsby. * Oulipolooza!

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First posted: Tuesday, June 11th, 2013.

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