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The Missing Links

Literary revisionism. * The fragment as a unit of prose composition. * Maggie Nelson (podcast). * Writers in glasses reading books featuring Maggie Nelson. * Women in Clothes. * Page Three Girls’ reverse striptease. * 3:AM‘s Anna Aslanyan meets Pussy Riot. * Understanding Steinese. * William H. Gass: The Soul Inside the Sentence. * A new review of Middle C. * Adam Thirwell on László Krasznahorkai. * Nabokov on the art of translation. * 3:AM‘s Susan Tomaselli on literature in translation. * Writers on failure. * A census of everything Bartleby ever said. * Cioran in a phone booth, early 1980s. * Céline interview (video). * Man Ray‘s Dreams That Money Can Buy. * The ontology of photographic seeing: Simon Critchley and Todd Cronan in conversation. * Blake Butler on conceptual writing. * Two drawings by Borges. * Masha Tupitsyn talks about Love Dog. More here. * The world according to Zadie Smith. * Rachel Kushner interviewed in Frieze. * Viv Albertine and Dennis Bovell on how The Slits recorded Cut. “We were also drawing on other influences: our favourite album was Dionne Warwick Sings Burt Bacharach, which we deconstructed. My guitar style was based on the anonymous guitarist on that” (Viv Albertine). “They weren’t good at reggae, but they were keen to learn. In ‘Newtown,’ I’m on keyboards and percussion. It’s about drug-taking, but the drugs were football and TV. I got hold of an ashtray, a spoon and a box of matches and that was my percussion: shaking the matches, tapping the ashtray with the spoon and occasionally striking a match. The ashtray was symbolic of smoking, the spoon of heroin” (Dennis Bovell). “We were using a mixing desk that belonged to Jon Anderson of Yes. We weren’t supposed to be, but he was on tour. Ari carved on the desk: ‘Ari was here'” (Dennis Bovell). * The careers of Maurice Nadeau by Adrian Tahourdin. * Roland Barthes‘s likes and dislikes, illustrated. * François Laruelle‘s Principles of Non-Philosophy. * Andy Warhol and Nico as Batman and Robin. * Danilo Kis, stylish historian of infamy. * Sofia Coppola‘s Lick the Star, 1998. * These New Puritans. * Walter Benjamin in Ibiza. * Remembering Samuel Beckett. * 3:AM‘s Richard Marshall, and A Piece of Monologue‘s Rhys Tranter (author of the revamped 3:AM site), both have pieces in Samuel Beckett and the Encounter of Philosophy and Literature edited by Arka Chattopadhyay and James Martell. * On literary journalism (podcast). * An interview with The Pastels. * Famous authors’ typewriters. * How constraints boost creativity. * Small press solidarity. * Vice magazine’s female authors and suicide photo shoot. * Thomas Bernhard enjoys an ice cream. * Bernhard’s way. * Richard Hell interviewed. * Kierkegaard on anxiety and creativity. * Knausgaard interviewed in Bookforum. * 80s London fashions. * Roberto Bolaño exhibition. * 10 punk documentaries. * Susan Sontag in Montparnasse. * Alejandro Guijarro‘s erased blackboards. * Reading in a bombed out bookshop, London 1940. * The Collected Works of Noah Cicero. * David Mitchell on autism. * Dyslexia as gift, not disability. * On Cortazar‘s Hopscotch. * An interview with Rebecca Solnit. * Flaneur magazine. * Humiliation. * Wireless talks with the spirit world. * McKenzie Wark interviewed. * McKenzie Wark reviews Federico Moretti‘s The Bourgeois. * Federico Moretti interviewed. * J. G. Ballard interviewed at the ICA, 1984. * Tom Bradley‘s new futures scenarios. * Bookmarks from Brian Eno‘s browser. * The relationship between cinema and its architecture. * Terry Eagleton‘s Across the Pond. * Lars Iyer and the death of modernism. * Why fakes are the great art of our age. * TV ads. * Leo Bersani‘s Proust reviewed. * Devo‘s Alan Myers R.I.P. More here.

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First posted: Monday, July 1st, 2013.

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