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The Missing Links

The Feelies in The Paris Review. * Nicholas Rombes on Shirley Jackson‘s Hangsaman. * Bobbi Lurie interviews Don Draper. * Donald Barthelme‘s Snow White. * Celebrating The Raincoats. * László Krasznahorkai doesn’t need anything from here. * Adorno: lectures, interviews, and music (audio). * In the Ocean, a film about the classical music avant garde. * Kenneth Goldsmith: “The Internet is the greatest poem ever written”. * Literary theory via Beck. * Beckett directing Godot, 1985. * Deleuze on translation. * Michel Foucault: Beyond Good and Evil, 1993. * On Craig Dworkin‘s No Medium. * Douglas Gordon and Mogwai talk Zidane. * David Lynch‘s guide to filmmaking. * An excellent interview with Amy Sackville. * Hannah Arendt, TV interview, 1964. * Joanna Walsh in Granta. * An interview with Dennis Cooper. * “Skull” by David Markson. * John Barker on bloody Taylorism. * When Britain went pop!. * The only surviving recording of Virginia Woolf. * Girls having fun on stairs, 1920s. * Further materials towards a theory of the Man-Child. * Further materials towards a theory of the Hot Babe. * A documentary about Helmut Newton. * The Chap Olympiad, 2013. * In praise of the unlived life. * César Aira on “The New Writing“. * The Lyons teashop lithographs. * Simon Critchley and Jamieson Webster (his missus) discuss The Hamlet Doctrine (podcast). * Simon Critchley interview in Naked Punch. * Ian Curtis: “…I decree that this LP [Closer] is a disaster”. * Ben Myers‘s Snorri & Frosti. * Sam Jordison‘s holiday reads. * A conversation between Alan Moore and Iain Sinclair (podcast). * Geoff Dyer on Andy Murray. * On Robert Doisneau’s picture of Emma Smith (see above). * Alistair McGowan on Erik Satie. * An infantile disorder. * Geoff Dyer on Mike Brodie‘s photographs. * Wilko johnson, guitar hero. * Maud Newton on Joan Didion. * An interview with Kele Okereke (Bloc Party). 3:AM published one of his stories back in 2011. * Iain Sinclair life in 70 films. * We fell in love in a coded place. * Is coding the new second language? * What is this review interested in? * How selfies became a global phenomenon. * A review of Imre Kertész‘s Dossier K. * Why Roberto Bolaño became a literary superstar posthumously. * Michel Houellebecq: when the enfant terrible was kidnapped. * Jean-Luc Godard‘s 1971 commercial for men’s aftershave. * Time warped. * Brian Eno interviewed in Dazed & Confused: “When I started working on ambient music my idea was to make music that was more like painting. When you put a painting into a room, you don’t sit for four hours looking at it, do you? You have it in the room and it’s part of the space”. * William Gass reading, 1998 (video). * Jonathan Coe on Boris “Not B.S.” Johnson and anti-establishment comedy. * Bastille Day and the French obsession with authority. * The democracy of objects. * Two documentaries on Borges. * Tour de France diary at n+1. * Geoff Dyer: “If I’ve sat on my arse all day — and it’s definitely my English arse I sit on, not an American ass — then what I most want to do come evening is sit on it some more”. * On Coetzee and Murnane. * Annotated photographs of the Beats. * Jean Cocteau speaks to the year 2000. * 10 articles for the next hipster intellectual journal. * Knausgård doesn’t, as the cliché goes, wring meaning out of everyday life, he frees everyday life from the responsibility of having to seem meaningful. It is what it is.” * Robert Macfarlane goes underground. * Congratulations to Tony White. * The difference between voice and style. * Crunching literary numbers. * David Foster Wallace‘s love of language. * The indefinable Leigh Bowery.

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First posted: Wednesday, July 17th, 2013.

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