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The Missing Links

Black on black. * An interview with the legendary Tony D. * Rachel Kushner‘s top 10 books about 1970s art. * Do philosophers understand contemporary art? * Adorno on natural beauty. * Iris murdoch‘s “The Sublime and the Beautiful Revisited“. * Kenneth Anger on Lucifer Rising. * On Stanislaw Lem’s Summa Technolgiae. * Snoopy’s guide to the writing life. * James Joyce in Nice. * Cabaret Voltaire‘s Red Mecca reissued. * The “dying” novel. * An extract from Joanna Walsh‘s Hauptbahnhof, published by 3:AM Press. * Enigma deviations. * On the 2013 Man Booker longlist. * Most diverse longlist ever? * Wilhelm Reich‘s legacy. * Bob Mazzer’s extraordinary photos of life on the Tube in the 80s. * Sam Lipsyte‘s The Fun Parts reviewed in The Guardian.

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First posted: Wednesday, July 24th, 2013.

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