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The Missing Links

On minor literature. * A fascinating roundtable on Gordon Lish‘s “unique mode of American modernism” by 3:AM‘s Greg Gerke and David Winters, and Numéro Cinq regular Jason Lucarelli. * 3:AM contributor Nicholas Rombes has written the screenplay for one of the first films — The Removals — to be produced by Two Dollar Radio. * Art attacks. * Biblioklept’s dictionary of literary terms. * The 20 best books in translation you’ve never read. * The 55 greatest films never made. * Theodor Adorno takes a selfie. * On Tacita Dean at Frith Street Gallery: “The word ‘odd’ has been smudged — by a drop of water? A tear? If so, whose?” * Present tense forms. * Home Faber. * The Sex Pistols‘ souncheck for their last gig in San Francisco is posted online. * Simon Critchley: it’s time to make Shakespeare dangerous. * What Shakespeare sounded like. * Sterne season. * Ivan Svenonius on supernatural strategies for making a rock’n’roll band. * DBC Pierre‘s boozy days. * Lizzy Mercier Descloux. * On Chris Marker and Pierre Lhomme‘s Le Joli Mai. * Charles Marville‘s vanished Paris. * Darran Anderson talks Serge Gainsbourg to our very own Christiana Spens. You’ll find a longer version of this interview here. * Soho 1983. * Once upon a time in Notting Hill. * Basically, Johnny Moped — the trailer. You’ll find a review here. And there’s even an official website. * Alex Trocchi. * Modern architecture in L.A.. * English rituals of the 60s. * “Cat Mask at Huggie Temple” by Desert Heat. * Karl Ove Knausgaard interviewed in The Believer. * Lou Reed and Mick Rock interviewed. * Anne Carson reviewed. * Flann O’Brien‘s short fiction and life: “He died distressingly young, at 55, in 1966; it would have been nice to have seen him railing for a few more years”. * Les écrivains malades du Net. * One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. * No formal space for intimacy. * Merkel does Die Toten Hosen. * Urban explorers. * Deborah Eisenberg: “Most of the process of writing for me is discarding things … Really try to see what’s in front of you”. * Gisèle Freund‘s writer portraits. * Celebrating Charlie Harper‘s 70th birthday. * Douglas Glover on the novel as poem. * Debbie Harry at the supermarket. * An in-depth review of Jonathan Lethem‘s Dissident Gardens in the LARB. * Jonathan Lethem reviews Pynchon‘s Bleeding Edge. * Thomas Pynchon‘s postmodern legacy. * Thomas Pynchon responds to claims of plagiarism, 1966. * Tim Parks on Leopardi‘s Zibaldone. * Will Self on the influence of Modernism today. * Susan Sontag‘s ideal story anthology. * A note on the New Orleans experience. * A vintage interview with Tom McCarthy. * The best dystopian novels about banned books. * “Symbols and Signs” by Nabokov. * The end of the Booker? * You’re wondering now what to do now you know that this is the end. * [Pic.]

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First posted: Sunday, September 29th, 2013.

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