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The Missing Links

Derrida — the 2002 documentary. * The false memory archive. * The score for John Cage‘s 4’33”. * What is nothing? * All roads lead to Nowhere. * Books and labyrinths. * Lars Iyer interviewed: “the time for literary novels is over”. * Opium and croissants. * The case against the global novel. * Stewart Home‘s Proletarian Post-Modernism. * An interview with Michèle Bernstein. * 3:AM‘s David Winters reviews Jason Schwartz‘s John the Posthumous: “What gets left over from this operation—the remainder of Schwartz’s equation — is only an outline, an aura of an untold story”. * Susana Medina on being a judge for the 2013 International Women’s Erotic Art Competition. * Dennis Cooper‘s Little Ceasar 5 (the Rimbaud issue). * Steve Severin‘s favourite albums. * Public Image Limited rarities. * 3:AM‘s Greg Gerke on Robert Bresson. * Dali’s illustrated Macbeth, 1946. * Van Gogh’s secret museum. * Derek Jarman’s sketchbooks. * Was Kenneth Halliwell a serious artist? * Hans Ulrich Obrist’s doodles. * Crashing cars with James Dean. * Desert island pics. * A 2005 interview with William Gass (great picture from 1969 here). * Ronald Lane Latimer, mystery editor. * It’s got to be somebody’s fault. * Revisiting the grunge underground. * The world’s most important six-second drum loop. * Saul Leiter. * Peanuts at 63. * Morrissey gets a job. * Morrissey autobiography in Penguin Classics. * David Bowie‘s 100 must-reads. * Malcolm Lowry resources. * Imaginary postcards from Malcolm Lowry’s life. * A Robert Mapplethorpe documentary. * Nighthawks. * The Jesus and Mary Chain interviewed on Belgian TV, 1986. * “Manifesto” by Daniel Levin Becker. * Jean Genet interviewed, 1981. * Basically, Johnny Moped. * On Clarice Lispector. * John Maher (The Buzzcocks)’s photographic exhibition. * Henri Cartier-Bresson: the early prints. * A video interview with Iain Sinclair. * Hanif Kureishi on Wilhelm Reich, Freud, adultery, and le week-end. * The return of Sam Jordison‘s Crap Towns. * The Twilight Zone. * [Pic]

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First posted: Sunday, October 6th, 2013.

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