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The Missing Links

When Mallarmé reimagined the book. * A review of Meillassoux‘s The Number and the Siren. * The young William Gaddis. * Congratulations to our friend Benjamin Myers, who has landed the inaugural Gordon Burn prize. * What Gordon Burn taught Benjamin Myers. * Travis Jeppesen to read his new novel The Suiciders in its entirety at the ICA in London. * On Karl Kraus. * Kevin Nolan reviews Jason Schwarz‘s John the Posthumous. * One of the very first reviews of Joyce‘s Ulysses. * Flann O’Brien‘s short fiction reviewed. * Beckett’s search for a form. * Blanchot on Beckett. * The myth of Orpheus through the ages. * Charlotte Bracegirdle‘s chopped Penguins. More here. * 1977: Bazooka take over Libération. Background here. * On Television‘s Marquee Moon. * Time Out are rude to Sam Jordison. * I’m up to my ears in unwritten words.” * An interview with Anne Carson and Robert Currie. * Wallace Stevens‘s The Necessary Angel. * Arthur Cravan est vivant! * Lots of Andrei Codrescu stuff, including an interview. * Clash tales. * Adrian Tahourdin on Camus. * PUSH 7 includes interviews with David Peace and Jenni Fagan. * Meret Oppenheim by and with Man Ray. * Paul Klee. * Morrissey trivia. * The 10 funniest bits in Morrissey’s biography: “The morning after the Whistle Test, I present 50 pence at Rumbelows in Stretford Precinct and I ask for the New York Dolls single. ‘See,’ said one fat assistant to another, ‘I told you someone would buy it’. At last I am someone!” * Morrissey reviewed. And again. * An interview with Donna Tartt. * Donna Tartt‘s The Goldfinch reviewed. * An interview with Douglas Coupland. * Elli & Jacno. More here. * Back to the Four Aces (spot the picture of me in my punk days on the website’s banner). * In praise of the flâneur. * Joanna Walsh‘s Fractals is available now from 3:AM Press. * “Love in the Garden” by Zadie Smith. * Nicholas Blincoe on Bob Stanley‘s Yeah Yeah Yeah: The Story of Modern Pop. * Blake Butler on Harry Matthews. * John Ashbery‘s stuff. * Bookshops and libraries in fiction. * An interview with Jonathan Lethem. * Nine unusual author deaths. * Henry Rollins selling ice cream, 1981. * [Pic.]

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First posted: Thursday, October 24th, 2013.

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