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The Missing Links

Saul Leiter, in memoriam (see picture). * Teju Cole on the late Saul Leiter. * A bibliography of boredom. * Borges as professor. * A library of the mind. *  Nicholas Roeg in conversation. * Cézanne: “The artist must avoid thinking like a writer”. So should the writer. * Tom McCarthy on the quasi-religious fethishism of writers’ “relics”. * Richard Lea on Proust. * Alex Ross on Vinteuil and other fictional composers. * Maps of imaginary worlds. * Fake whiteboard lectures. * Elbert Hubbard’s blank book. * Jean Keller‘s The Black Book.  * Laurence Sterne‘s black page. * Virginia Woolf on Tristram Shandy. * Bobbi Lurie. * Neo-classical music. * The BBC Radiophonic Workshop. * Paul Celan reads “Todesfuge“. * A J. G. Ballard interview. * The three archives of Gerald Murnane. * Zadie Smith: man vs. corpse. * On Joanna Hogg‘s Exhibition. * An interview with Dan Holloway. * Paul Auster on Beckett‘s humour as coping mechanism. * Paul Auster‘s Paris Review interview. * David Shields on plagiarism. * All writing is cut-ups. * Dead interviews. * An interview with Sophie Calle (extract). * Cinema is another life. * Mumblecore. * Brian Eno interviewed. * Zizek at the BBC, on If , and Starbucks. * How to sit like a lady: the latest installment in Donari Braxton‘s how to be alone series. It’s a little gem. * Defacement. * A father photographs the world of his autistic son. * Lars Iyer at Goldsmiths (video). * Poet Tim Wells to stand as a Class War candidate. * Anarcho-populism. * Mark Fisher on exiting the Vampire Castle. * Patti Smith mourns Lou Reed. * Lou Reed and Paul Auster. * If I could walk away from me. * So long, Lou. * Lou Reed on Poe. * Hilary Mantel on Doris Lessing. * Punk survivors. * Punk photography. * The best punk single record sleeves. *  Rachel Kushner‘s Little Italy. More here. * Lucid Stead. * Will Self on the Thames. * Will Self‘s Flytopia (film). * Will Self on Guy Debord. * On the Passage of a few People through a Rather Brief Moment in Time. * Guy Debord‘s Refutation of All Judgements, 1975. * Jon Hamm interviewed. * Kandinsky at work, 1926. * Photos of NYC’s subway in the 80s. * Is nonfiction more relevant than fiction? * On the art of re-enactment. * Ivan Vladislavic‘s Double Negative reviewed. * Pop-culture librarians. * Vintage ads starring famous authors. * Terry Eagleton on Morrissey: “If he could get treatment for his addiction to alliteration and stop using phrases like ‘for you and I’, this prodigiously talented small boy of 52, as he described himself two years ago, could walk away with the Booker prize”. * A video interview with Giorgio Moroder. * Hamlet on the couch. * The making of Naked. * A new documentary on Beckett‘s only film. * A vintage interview with Marguerite Duras. * Jason Schwartz‘s John the Posthumous reviewed. * BS Johnson and the amniotic fluid of words. * The miraculousness of the commonplace. * Social media and helplessness. * Selfie is word of the year. * You looking at me? * Terry Southern. * An interview with Nicholson Baker. * Rough Trade opens a shop in NYC. * An interview with Alan Moore. * Harry Dean Stanton interviewed. * Vivienne Westwood‘s career in pictures. * Donald Barthelme: the trial of Bill the Dwarf. * Talking Heads live in Rome, 1980. * Paris in 1946. * Derek Jarman‘s Wittgenstein, 1993. * Heidegger on Truth and Art. * A warm welcome to Riposte magazine. * An (almost) interview with Iain Sinclair. * Excerpts from Jarett Kobek‘s BTW. * A review of Masha Tupitsyn‘s Love Dog. * Wallace Stevens: “On the Surface of Things”. * Dirty dying. * In the prime of death. * Is anyone you know getting involved in post-structuralism? * A revival of Leos Carax‘s Mauvais Sang, 1986.

First posted: Sunday, December 1st, 2013.

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