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The Missing Links

Nicholas Rombes interviewed. * Tony White‘s mini readings. * Ben Lerner on the virtuality of literature. * Narcissus and ego: poets and the novel. * John Ashbery’s silences sampled. * Ujana Wolf‘s white-outs. * Erased and doctored pages. * More words written and unwritten. * The last page of Proust‘s manuscript. * An interview with Craig Dworkin. * Silke Otto-Knapp‘s washing-up paintings. * Brian Dillon on the Archive of Modern Conflict. * Spotlight on Christine Brooke-Rose. * A 1957 interview with Carl Jung (video). *  Official trailer for Matt Wolf‘s Teenage, based on Jon Savage‘s book. (See my interview and article.) * Jon Savage on the betrayal of British teenagers. * Linder Sterling interviewed. * Will Self on Patrick Keiller (he references Andrew Stevens‘s 3:AM interview). * Will Self on how England has changed since his 1994 essay. * On Michèle Bernstein‘s novels. * Stewart Home’s possible appointment with Michèle Bernstein. * The strange story of “Louie Louie“. * John Brosio. * Clarice Lispector, the biography. * Toibin reviews Clarice Lispector‘s The Hour of the Star. * Conversations with Krasznahorkai. * The most exclusive room in London. * Evan Lavender-Smith interviewed by David Winters. * David Winters reviews D.N. Rodowick‘s Elegy for Theory. * A short story by Gordon Lish. * Jason Schwartz interviewed. * An interview with Ben Marcus. * Ben Marcus on Kafka. * Benjamin Myers has a new website. * Platinum blonde Syvia Plath. * From Ashes to ashes: Virginia Woolf playing cricket. * An extract from John Holten‘s Oslo, Norway. * J. G. Ballard. * Was Walter Benjamin a jerk? * Berlin’s zombie dawn. * Building Fritz Lang’s Metropolis. * Can films be artworks? * Masha Tupitsyn on Robert Bresson. * On Kenneth Anger. * Rock as minimal modernism. * Inside Seditionaries, 1977. * CBGB TV, 1981. * The Kinks in Paris, 1965. *  Samuel Beckett Tumblr. * Gilles Deleuze, Pataphysician of the Posthuman. * A review of Rachel Shihor‘s Stalin is Dead. * Burroughs the photographer. * The debut authors of 2014. * Moby Dick. * Martin Vlach. * An interview with Nick Laird. * Serge Gainsbourg. * Yé-yé girls. * Musidora. * An interview with Vic Galloway. * Selections from Josef Winkler‘s Graveyards of Bitter Oranges, translated by Adrian Nathan West. * Susan Sontag. * Susan Sontag on Simone Weil. * Trailer for the January issue of Asymptote. * Literary journalism (podcast). * An interview with Adam Thirlwell. * Stig Saeterbakken‘s Through the Night reviewed. * The Dead Boys, 1977. * On Raymond Queneau and jogging. * The Sarah Records documentary. * Shooting Cocteau‘s Beauty and the Beast. * Wire‘s reunion gig, 1985. * Thurston Moore‘s 38 all-time favourite songs. * Kim Gordon interviews Raymond Petitbon. * On the films of Nicholas Roeg. * Russ Meyer‘s Fanny Hill, 1964. * Günter Grass gives up writing. * An interview with Hanif Kureishi. * On Jarett Kobek‘s BTW. * L’amour est mort. * The diaries of L’Obscurier, modernist genius and arsehole. * Lydia Davis. * Lydia Davis on Osama Alomar. * The Redskins. * McKenzie Wark interviewed. * The Pop Group live review. * To all those who hate work. * What is a minor literature?  * The return of The Trip. * An interview with Tom Lutz. * Photographed Hopper. * William Eggleston. * Heroin and creativity. * 1960s recordings. * Howard Devoto. * Wallace Stevens reads. * Wallace Stevens and the absolute. * Damon Albarn‘s 10 finest moments. * Stop creating. * Kenneth Goldsmith on the poetry of archiving (video). * Beckett’s half-buried women. * An introduction to the Dark Enlightenment. * Eugene Thacker interviewed. * Read women 2014. * Joanna Walsh on translated fiction. * Jonathan Lethem on his musical influences. * Marc Bolan‘s 1977 TV show. * The FBI files on being and nothingness. * Nabokov‘s 1969 BBC interview. * Writers and drinking. * Robert Walser. * “The World Without Me” by me. * [Pic]

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First posted: Friday, January 24th, 2014.

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