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The Missing Links

Kenneth Goldsmith on the poetics of appropriation (video). * Edouard Levé‘s Oeuvres. * An interview with Simon Critchley. * Lydia Davis: “Often, I immediately fictionalized something real in my own situation, as practice, or as a way of starting on a story”. * The William H. Gass interviews. * Kevin Breathnach on not reviewing William H. Gass’s On Being Blue. * Roland Topor‘s illustrations. *  3:AM‘s David Winters reviews Gabriel Josipovici’s Hotel Andromeda. * New 3:AM editor K. Thomas Kahn on reading Doris Lessing. * An extract from Joanna Walsh‘s Break.up. * Brian Dillon interviewed over at Gorse. * Brian Dillon in conversation with Lauren Elkin. * Georges Perec and the void. * Marina Abramovic‘s row over ‘nothing‘. * Stephen Sparks interviews Stanley Crawford. * Karl Ove Knausgaard on the other side of the face. * Knausgaard (audio). * Knausgaard in conversation with Eugenides (video). * Sheila Heti on Knausgaard. * The Knausgaard phenomenon (audio). * Knausgaard in Brooklyn. * Danny Byrne reviews My Struggle. * Welcome to the summer of nothingness. *  Tim Parks on authors’ personal archives. * Jenny Offill interviewed by Edward Champion (audio). * The Blank Generation abecedary. * The first Generation X. * Kathy Acker interviews William Burroughs. * John Deakin‘s Soho photography. * The slow death of Wimpy. * Brutalism. * Matthew Weiner in the Paris Review. * On Heart of Darkness. * An interview with Joanna Hogg. * Nabokov documentary. * Multilinguals have multiple personalities. * Why the world looks the same in any language. * The white picket fence. * An essay on WG Sebald. * Hannah Arendt TV interview, 1964. * Adorno‘s aphorisms. * More Adorno. * Will Self on Manchester. * Will Self on smartphone journalism. * Will Self on London’s high-rise future. * William Burroughs‘s The Cut Ups, 1966. * Wallace and Gromit: behind the (plasti)scenes. * Why are novelists so bad at killing off their careers? * Is Irish literature too local to have philosophical heft? * Morrissey‘s first solo gig, 1988. * An interview with Geoff Dyer. * Not writing what you’re writing about. * How the novel made the modern world. * Modernist revival. * The irresistible rise of the short story. * A review of Jonathan Meades‘s autobiography. * La Commune. * An interview with Gabriel Josipovici. * Rachel Kushner in the company of truckers. * What would Lynn Tillman do? * On Chris Marker. * Jean-Luc Godard‘s letter to the Cannes Film Festival. * The Velvet Underground live, shot by Andy Warhol. * The story of Postcard Records. * We’ve linked to it before, but here it is again: Anne Carson‘s “The Albertine Workout“. * Anne Carson performing Antigonick. *  Viv Albertine‘s great biography reviewed. * 60s supercomputers. * A conversation about John Cage and William Gedney‘s Iris Garden. * An interview with Lars Iyer. * A 2012 interview with Giorgio Agamben. * Rob Doyle interviewed by Susan Tomaselli. * Is it still art if no one sees it? * The Nova Convention. * Walking and writing. * Michael Bracewell: how pop art became art pop. * Viv Albertine talks about her wonderful memoir (video). * Did you catch this interview with Viv Albertine on Channel4 News? * Viv Albertine in the Telegraph. * The Ladybird book of postwar rebuilding. * The fine art of mooning.  * Poetry is felt, not fathomed. * Eimear McBride wins another prize!. More here. * Eimear McBride interviewed. * Eimear McBride (video). * Eimear McBride on Dubliners. * More drunk texts from famous authors. * On Larry Clark‘s photographs. * What causes the smell of old and new books? * David Lodge on Nabokov‘s sexual style. * The dawn of NYC punk.

First posted: Sunday, June 29th, 2014.

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