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The Missing Links


Cinema without people (via Gorse). * An interview with 3:AM legend Richard Cabut. * Brian Dillon on Gerhard Richter. * Brian Dillon on the topless cellist. * Sam Cooper on the novel after its abandonment. * Enrique Vila-Matas in The White Review‘s translation issue. * Translating the untranslatable. * Untranslatability studies. * Towards an alternative ethics of translation. * Anne Carson‘s “Pronoun Envy”. * Rachel Kushner: “My aspiration to spend time at sea as requisite literary training died long ago, as a teenager, on a white-knuckled ferry ride to Elba during a torrential rainstorm”. * Colm Tóibín and Rachel Kushner in conversation.  * Roland Barthes born 100 years ago. * The new modesty in literary criticism. * Mark Dery in conversation with Will Self. * In 1977, hope I go to heaven… * Paul Simonon‘s new exhibition gets a pasting. * Paul Simonon in his studio (video). * TS Eliot, 50 years on. * Millions like us. * Nabokov and the movies. * “Short Story Idea (The Macaque)” by Evan Lavender-Smith.  * Teju Cole‘s favourite things. * Michel Houellebecq on Soumission. * Lauren Elkin on Georges Perec. * Chris Killen‘s second novel reviewed. * How Tim Parks reads. * What Blake Butler read in 2014. * A place that can’t exist again: Bondie’s New York. * Times Square in the early 80s. * An excellent retrospective of the late Kim Fowley‘s career. * An interview with Michael Hofmann. * Beyond Man Ray. * Adventures of the Black Square. * Ben Lerner. * Ben Lerner‘s latest reviewed. * The history of the number zero. * Irvine Welsh rereads American Psycho. * A few tunes between homicides. * The Observer‘s new faces of fiction 2015. * James Laughlin’s New Directions. * Kafka‘s drawings. * Punks hanging out. * David Bowie: changes. * Michel Houellebecq, France’s literary provocateur. * Rushdie on Charlie Hebdo and freedom of speech. * Tim Parks on the limits of satire. * What we talk about when we talk about Charlie Hebdo. * Jeremy Harding on the historic Paris march. * Adam Thirlwell wonders if art can still shock? * Iain Sinclair on the excavation of London. * On Groucho Marx. * “Andrew’s Blues” * Bez for PM? * Joey Ramone sings John Cage. * Greg Gerke on Mr Turner, Boyhood and criticism. * Giorgio Agamben on the unforgettable. * Three documentaries on Nietzsche, Heidegger, and Sartre. * The mystery of consciousness. * Love sounds. * The wellness ideology. * Expanding the medium of artists’ books. * The golden age of Peter and Jane. * Californian high-school life, 1969. * John Berger goes for a swim. * Van Gogh the preacher?

Illustration: Ekaterina Panikanova.

First posted: Monday, January 26th, 2015.

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