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The Missing Links


Encountering otherness with Merleau-Ponty. * Against happiness. * Devaluing the dirty war by Adam Thirlwell. * “When we go out of our mind, where do we go?”: on dementia and the arts. * Launch of Darran Anderson‘s Imaginary Cities. * How Flaubert changed literature. * Worrying — a cultural history. * Dustin O’Halloran on his influences. * Not writing. * “Clandestine Happiness” by Clarice Lispector. * “Report on the Thing” by Clarice Lispector. * Nell Zink interviewed. * Michael Caines and others on Christine Brooke-Rose (audio). * Siouxsie and the Banshees on Something Else, 1979 (with Robert Smith). * Remembering Jo Brocklehurst. * CD Rose talks about his Biographical Dictionary of Literary Failure on Canadian radio (audio). * BS Johnson the poet. * Susan Sontag: critic and crusader. * Tim Parks on the key to rereading. * When punk was a work in progress. * Terry Eagleton on the death of god and the war on terror (video). * On quaaludes. * Joseph Cornell: Wanderlust. * Joseph Cornell: freedom in tiny spaces. * 3:AM‘s K. Thomas Kahn review Elzabeth Taylor‘s A View of the Harbour. * K. Thomas Kahn on his nights reading alone. & To Gethsemane. * Theshort life and mysterious death of Bobby Fuller. * The ecstatic writing of Qiu Miaojin (audio). * The Slash magazine (1977-80) archive is now online. * How Stephen Shore saw America in colour. * Translating Djuna Barnes to the screen (via). * Wilko Johnson‘s future. * Bowie and 430 King’s Road. * Revisiting John Barth‘s last novel. * John Ashbery‘s Breezeway reviewed. * New PiL album. * On Kafka‘s Metamorphosis. * Will Self on Kafka’s Prague. * Will Self and Andrew Keen on the internet (audio). * Will Self and others on Jaws. * Will Self reads “Architectural Salvage”. * Barthes and you. * Lydia Davis on shaping messy material (video). * A story by Christine Schutt. * Happy birthday, Chris Marker. * Samuel Beckett and Buster Keaton‘s Film. * Nabokov in America. * The death of postmodernism and beyond. * John Cooper Clarke and the joys of the British seaside. * Lee Miller and Picasso. * Michel Foucault: soon in La Pléiade. * Blur. * Lenin was a mushroom. * Abandoned New Orleans. * Mister Fincher and Monsieur Dreyer by Greg Gerke.

[Pic: Danny Heller.]

First posted: Sunday, August 2nd, 2015.

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