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Thomas Pynchon‘s niece is a porn star. * 3:AM‘s Richard Cabut castigates the apathetic youth of today in the First Post: “In the light of such limpness, what we need is a committed, oppositional and, yes, anarchic, rock culture to kick up a rebellious stink once more. Arise, kids, you’ve got nothing to lose but your chainstores — which, I suspect, is the problem in a nutshell”. * Twentysomething Essays by Twentysomething Writers. * Iain Sinclair on obscure 1965 exploitation flick Primitive London. * Jeff VanderMeer interviewed by Bookslut. * Ursula K LeGuin reviews Ballard‘s latest. Ballard is also interviewed in The Independent: “”Most English writers are not interested in change but in the social novel. That demands a static backdrop. I’m intensely interested in change — probably as a matter of self-preservation. What the hell is going to happen next?” * This Scene is Dead. * Salome Magazine. * All about Last Night’s Party. * Babylon MySpace. * Tough on poetry, tough on the causes of poetry. * Introducing Daniel Scott Buck. * A Life Less Convenient. * Edmund White in Paris. * The wannabe writers. * Idolator. * The world’s worst novelist. * Shakespeare the piss artist. * Martin Amis‘s “The Age of Horrorism”. * Top deck. * Action Man and Matt Mason. * Short Term Memory Loss reckons that dead tree publishing is doomed. * Dr Jekyll and Haydn’s nasal polyp. * 48 tracks from the birth of Indie Pop. * The many incarnations of Little Red Riding Hood. * The Guardian on Mark Z Denielewski‘s Only Revolutions: “The games with typography and layout that characterised his monstrously thrilling first novel of postmodern horror, House of Leaves, have here run riot. Only Revolutions has to be periodically turned upside down and read from back to front; certain letters and classes of things are printed in different coloured inks and font-weights; each page has marginalia in tiny type alluding to historical events of the past century; some pages are marked with inscrutable blobs. Before you even begin, you are exhausted”. * Celebrating London’s 2i’s Cafe. * A history of the A-Z. * The Aliens rise from the ashes of the Beta Band. * The scourge of the Offbeat Generation brings us (straight from the UK’s lap dance capital) the Orthogonal Review. * Tom Hodgkinson on how to be free: “We can all be creative and we can all be free. For myself, I urge you to take up the ukulele. This four-stringed marvel is very cheap, very portable and very easy to play. It is, therefore, even more punk than the guitar. Get a uke and you will never be bored again. You could even make some extra cash by busking”. * It’s Stiff Records‘ 30th: “We opened a label there, Stiff Inc, but it became a financial burden on the British company, though we did very well with The Wit and Wisdom of Ronald Reagan. I got the idea from the writer Richard Williams, who reviewed the wrong side of a vinyl test pressing. I thought it would be a great joke to do a record with nothing on it. We sold 40,000. People in America liked the idea and bought it as a Christmas present for friends who didn’t like Reagan”. * The Courtney Love documentary. * A bloody good interview in Dogmatika with D. Harlan Wilson: Bizarro is a term that encompasses many styles, themes and methodologies. The best place to get a sense of its principal characteristics is The Bizarro Starter Kit. …In a nutshell, it identifies Bizarro as a weird, surreal, experimental, thought-provoking genre with a cult sensibility. There are a few tag lines, too: ‘Franz Kafka meets Joe Bob Briggs.’ ‘Dr. Seuss of the post-apocalypse.’ ‘Japanese animation directed by David Lynch.’ All of these are apt portrayals. …Basically we Bizarros all practice a kind of blender fiction, which is to say we mix up the marginalized genres of horror, fantasy, science fiction, absurdism and surrealism to varying degrees and extremes”.

First posted: Friday, September 29th, 2006.

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  3. Many thanks for mentioning A Life Less Convenient!