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‘The North Will Rise Again’

3:AM associate Stephen Barber‘s new novel of England’s future corporate/digital disintegration and the fall of its cities, England’s Darkness, is published this month in the US by Sun Vision Press and distributed in the UK by Turnaround, acclaimed by the likes of David Peace.

The two Kings of Leeds had met for profound discussions of the future, in a palatial, thickly-curtained annex of the asylum, first embracing one another warmly, then stood together, Sutcliffe’s head turned attentively to Savile, two eager interpreters beside them, as though only irreconcilable idioms of madness could be voiced. But they remained silent, as though in anticipation of being photographed, like two dictators, though no image was to be made of that meeting, and its memory subsisted solely in the pixellated hallucinations of a soon-to-be-culled rebel boy, standing in front of the pornography cinema’s screen, in the semen-preserved grandeur of the Assembly Rooms, his delirium now drained, but his throat still convulsing with the effort to expectorate, at last, a myth, an origin. Finally, via that throat, Savile calmly spoke just one phrase: ‘The North Will Rise Again.’ Exhausted, his throat’s membrane seared, the rebel fell to the ground. From that moment, the South was doomed.

You can read an excerpt here.

First posted: Thursday, January 16th, 2014.

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