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The Return Of The Paris Bitter Hearts Pit

The second issue of the Paris Bitter Hearts Pit, strikingly designed by Nicolas Vitte, is out at last! As usual, it is/will be distributed free in selected bookshops and galleries in Paris, London (ICA, Aquarium Gallery), Dublin, Santiago and New York. This time round, Vim Cortez treats us to an exclusive extract from Matt Thorne‘s forthcoming novel Privacy, as well as short stories by Paul Ewen and Lee Rourke (of Scarecrow fame). Tony O’Neill (whose first novel Digging the Vein comes out in February), 3AMer Richard Cabut, Jacob Sam-La Rose and Rositza Pironska all provide poetic relief. Each copy includes a signed, numbered colour print of Andy Bullock‘s “God Bless America”. Priceless. And hip as fuck.

First posted: Sunday, December 11th, 2005.

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