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The Rottweiler’s Guide to the Dog Owner

3:AM‘s Poetry Editor extraordinaire, SJ Fowler has published a new collection:

A groundbreaking, aberrant but ever ebullient love letter to those who deserve it, The Rottweiler’s Guide to the Dog Owner refracts marriage, death, friendship, violence and love through SJ Fowler’s modernist poetic in an attempt to encapsulate the Poundian enterprise of all experience, no matter its grandiosity or banality, as feed for poetry. Utterly contemporary, rapid, concise, this collection of poetry suites is a massive, savage world of language and meaning miniaturised and recapitulated – this is a poetry of disjunctive affection, misshapen intimacy and the awkward music of our daily lives.

The Rottweiler’s Guide to the Dog Owner is made up of 13 different sequences or commissions, including works written for VerySmallKitchen, Zimzalla, The Enemigos project, Lush & the Wortwedding gallery, and features works that call on, or celebrate, the poetry of Anselm Hollo, Tom Raworth & Jack Spicer.

“While the prolificacy of SJ Fowler is terrifying — six books in four (???) years — I think his output is increasingly revealed as a coherent and necessary project: an important demonstration of a poet’s practice as directly antagonistic towards the notion that, if they are to be seriously considered, a poet must wait for the poems to come to them, and so publish a slim volume of careful verse every half decade. His work is exuberant, challenging and inclusive, and will likely be seen as a significant landmark in years to come.”Sam Riviere

“SJ Fowler’s poems deal with disjunctions and interjections. They present us with a world that moves fast and often violently, where the lyrical impulse flowers, breaks and flowers again, too briefly to assert its full syntactic argument. We have to trust our ears, both the music and the rush of fragments. Individual poems and sequences deal with personal feeling, with politics, and, are often engaged with other writers, other places. Fowler’s poetics are an open space packed with brilliant intensities. The reader has to live among them not to get blown away.’ – George Szirtes

First posted: Friday, June 27th, 2014.

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