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The Threat To Our Children Redux

The Guardian get nostalgic for goth-punk:

“Initially, it wasn’t called goth. In February 1983, NME lumped together several mostly forgotten bands (Southern Death Cult, Sex Gang Children, Brigandage, Specimen, Blood and Roses) and tagged them “positive punk”. Meanwhile, Marx fondly remembers tabloid hysteria about “suicide pact kids killing themselves listening to Sisters of Mercy”, an eerie precursor of a story the Daily Mail ran only last month warning of the “threat to our children” posed by goth and emo (although they’re two different cultures).”

Brigandage featured none other than our very own Richard Cabut, while Blood and Roses were led by Bob Short and not forgetting Flowers in the Dustbin frontman George Berger, whose recent Crass biography is still picking up the plaudits in the press.

First posted: Friday, September 29th, 2006.

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  1. I remember that hysteria about suicide pacts well. It was front page news on the Mirror or Express – I used to have it sellotaped to my art folder at school! The article was particularly upset by the Sisters’ mention of methedrine in Lucretia My Reflection, (which they clearly equated with advocation), especially as they performed it on TOTP. Another generation of kids smacked up on cake thanks to pop music…

    That Guardian article is quite clever in some parts – like the vomit anecdote – but just the laziest journalism in the others. Eldritch will be apoplectic at the slur of living a “cod-Vampiric” lifestyle I’m sure…

  2. “…even the goth look was partly happenstance: wearing nothing but black meant the band could put all their washing in one load.”