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Three Poems

By Danica Green.

Granny’s House

Come on baby, we’re going to granny’s house,
You want a treat right?
Ice cream and sherbet and maybe
Granny’ll bounce you on her knee like last time.

Get your goddamn shoes on.

In the car sweetie, no not in the baby seat,
You’re getting a little old for that,
Sit in the front with me here.
Oh, well you’re a little small for the seatbelt,
Just hold on tight,
If we crash you’re going straight through the windshield.

I don’t know if granny’s making cake for you,
Don’t cry. Shut up!
I’ll tell you what, if you can afford the cake mix,
I’ll buy some.
23 cents just isn’t enough, sorry Julia, you’re out of luck.
No we don’t have cake mix at home,
You’re imagining things.

I’m sure granny’s got a book to read to you.
She might even take you to the store for a coloring book,
Because you’re so special, so sweet and good and special.

I was never fucking special.



Ophiucus the bastard snake
Thirteenth sign of the zodiac
Throwing astrology into chaos

You’re not a Cancer any more
Sensitive and hard-shelled crab
Patently delicious if you can catch me
But watch out
I’ve got claws

Now I’m a Gemini
Thrust into twindom
Looking for the other one
Now I’m a schizophrenic with an invisible sister

I liked being Cancer,
Hard and soft, leaking out creative juices
A throbbing tumour of wisdom
Full of affection
Mistress of the moon
Denizen of the water
I rule over Mercury now
Denizen of the air
More sylph than nymph

Why weren’t you out last night?
Sorry there, I was busying looking for the other half of me


Ambivalent Feelings Towards Owls in Hammocks

I don’t like hammocks.

I mean I really don’t like them.

I like owls though, specifically Scops owls.

Their defence mechanism against other owls involves squishing themselves up so they look thin and evil. They remind me of Transformers.

I made up a song

Transformowl, more then meets the eye,
Transformowl wages his battle to destroy the evil forces of… slightly bigger owls!

So remember.

If you ever come to visit me.

Bring an owl.

But not a hammock.


Danica Green is an English girl at university in Wales who spends 10% of her time studying, 40% writing and the rest wondering if someone would like to make her a cup of tea. She’s obsessed with video games, her wristwatch shows the time in binary and she knows how to insult your mother in Klingon.

First published in 3:AM Magazine: Sunday, March 27th, 2011.